The Agora of Cadena SER is gaining more and more followers. And it is not for less, after there are moments in the political gathering of Hora 25 like the one that was lived this Monday, when Aimar Bretos asked Carmen Calvo about her relationship with Iván Redondo.

The confession of the Vice President of the Government came when the announcer gave way to an extract from the interview that Jordi Évole conducted last Sunday with Pedro Sánchez’s former star adviser. In it, Redondo assured that his relationship with Calvo had been very good.

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“Many times he has raised and I have read in the media that I had an enmity with Carmen Calvo. She is one of the people from whom I have learned the most, who has always respected me in my sphere and I in hers”, assured the consultant in the La Sexta program.

This Monday, Bretos raised the issue of politics: “Mrs. Calvo, we were very surprised last night to learn that you got along so well with Iván Redondo,” said the journalist, who was not expecting the response that the socialist was going to give him. “Yes, me too,” said the former minister while Pablo Iglesias’s eyes bulged out of their sockets.

Carmen Calvo clarifies her relationship with Iván Redondo
Calvo, who was not present at the study, reaffirmed his answer. “In other words, you were also surprised to learn that you got along so well with Iván Redondo?” Bretos insisted, who could not contain his laughter. “Well yes,” the Andalusian just added. “Isn’t he going to say anything else?” The presenter asked, still in shock. “Then what if ‘broad front’, eh?” Iglesias said ironically.

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“I have had a strictly professional relationship with him. Strictly professional. Although people sometimes do not make the distinction, one thing is the presidency of the Government and another thing is the ministry of the Presidency, which is for the support of the president, but the The president has his cabinet. I knew what my space was as minister of the Presidency and as vice president and in that sense each one has operated in their space, “argued Calvo, who acknowledged that he had not seen Évole’s interview with Redondo.

-Mrs. Calvo, we were very surprised last night to learn that you got along so well with Iván Redondo.

-Yes me too.

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