Efforts have been made to streamline the taxi industry and make it more convenient for users. In the past, booking a cab often took a lot of time and effort. Because of the smartphone revolution, ride-hailing apps have reduced time and actions, and now they are the most popular on-demand apps worldwide. Ride-hailing apps offer convenience to both riders and drivers.

How does an Uber app work?

Before building an app like Uber, the first step is to understand how the Uber clone app works. Uber app is a peer-to-peer marketplace where the riders can directly contact the drivers and pay directly through the app. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Uber offers a variety of choices based on the availability and needs like,

  • UberX is a cost-efficient option
  • UberSUV or UberXL to fit in 6 passengers
  • UberSelect offers luxury sedans and is on the expensive side.
  • UberBLACK and UberBLACK SUV offer luxury vehicles with black exteriors.
  • UberPOOL is a wise option to share your ride and cut the cost.

As Uber is a customer-oriented app, it is entirely user-friendly and has unique features to offer. Let’s explore the application from the rider’s as well as the driver’s perspective.

Customer app features:

  • Users undergo a simple registration process and add their bank account for payments.
  • Geolocation helps in the driver’s live tracking, and the navigation is displayed for both drivers and riders once the trip is started.
  • Push notifications constantly update the whereabouts and other details until the trip is successfully finished.
  • The ride calculator helps in determining the cost of the trip and displays all the available options to select.
  • Customers can directly contact the driver or send a message about the trip before starting the journey.
  • Upon successful completion of the trip, customers can share their feedback about the driver and the journey.
  • The app records the history of the bookings and allows access to the ratings.
  • The customer support team provides consistent support.

Driver app features:

  • Drivers undergo a registration process by providing their details to log into the application.
  • Driver Delivery Reports provide regularly compiled reports on trips and earnings.
  • Drivers will get trip alerts and push notifications about the trip.
  • Navigation is offered to reach the customers, and route optimization is displayed from the beginning of the trip
  • Customer Support for drivers is provided consistently
  • Drivers can communicate with the customers upon successful booking
  • Drivers share their feedback about the trip

How to build an app like Uber?

Uber clone app is a ready-made app designed like Uber and can be tailored according to your needs. Developing an on-demand ride-hailing app is made much easier using the clone scripts.

The term “App clone” is generally used to describe taking an app idea from another unique website or app theme and incorporating it into an app clone. As people tend to be more familiar with the concept of an app like Uber, building an Uber clone app will relate much more quickly and will be more convenient for the users.

The Uber clone app, which is an instant solution to the long development process of a ride-hailing app, is a quick way to launch a ride-hailing app. With an app like Uber being built seamlessly and white-labeled quickly, launching your dream app in Appstores and Playstores becomes a breeze.

When you launch a ride-hailing app like Uber, it is certain to develop two apps: customer and driver. Using the Uber clone app, it is possible to build an app like Uber with the best features and customize it according to your needs.

Many app development companies build an app like Uber from scratch and produce a white-labeled app ready to launch in the Playstore and AppStore. By consulting an app development company, you can estimate the cost for building your app and customize the app by adding additional features to stand out from the other ride-hailing apps.

Business Model of Uber:

  • The aggregator business model was introduced to the world by Uber. It is a unique business model that involves forming partnerships and letting the partners work underneath your brand rather than building and developing the offering yourself.
  • To put it simply, Uber does not own any cars. Uber aggregates the driving force of its independent cab drivers, who drive their cabs but work under the Uber name.
  • Despite the fact that the partners provide the essential service, Uber makes sure that the service standards are met – cabs arrive on time, are clean, take the correct route, and ensure the customer’s safety.

The revenue model of Uber:

  • A variety of factors go into Uber’s revenue model, which makes it unique.
  • Revenue is generated from the commissions the customer earns through their trip and from surge pricing, cancellations of trips, and other products that the app endorses.
  • A 20% portion of the fare is contributed to the principal revenue generation, while the remaining 80% is allocated to the driver.
  • Having such a large customer base, Uber helps other companies advertise their services and products and charges them accordingly, generating significant revenue for Uber.

The growth potential of the ride-hailing app:

  • Uber has tremendous potential for growth. Within a year, it expects to expand to dozen more cities in 55 countries. Uber’s revenues double every six months, and the company is highly profitable.
  • Ride-hailing apps like Uber have consistent demand in the market, and the growth potential looks pretty high.
  • The ride-hailing market is expected to grow from $42,25 billion in 2020 to $56.87 billion in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.6%.

As a summing note, the Uber Clone script, at its core, will help you create a comprehensive ride-hailing system, complete with all the latest features and functionalities. Take your app to the top with the right app development company.

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