teleworking in your pajamas

Teleworking allows for certain comforts that are sometimes best avoided, according to a recent study. Teleworking has received an unexpected boost in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is almost obvious to comment on it, but what was previously a trend not as pronounced as desired has become the only way to maintain many of the companies . But this change has also significantly changed the lives of workers.

Being able to work from home means a significant saving of time in terms of travel, but also in preparing to work. Unless you have video calls, the normal thing is to dress in comfortable clothes and dress up as little as possible. There are people who work in pajamas, although it may not be the most recommended .

From ZDNet it has been informed of the investigation by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, University of Technology Sydney and the University of Sydney. In the published study, the relationship between working in pajamas and the deterioration of mental health has been verified .

In addition to analyzing the telework routines maintained by different people, the clothing and the opinion about their own mental health that the workers had was also studied . Some correlation was found.

When asked about their condition, 59% of those who wore pajamas to work admitted that their mental health had deteriorated , while among those who did get dressed this dropped to 26%, a significant difference.

But this perception that may be an indication is open to some debate and from the study it was admitted that ” Although we cannot determine whether the use of pajamas was the cause or the consequence of the deterioration of mental health , the appreciation of the effect of the clothing on cognition and mental health is increasing . “

In any case, changing clothes is something simple and it is recommended to divide the different tasks of daily life and separate between the personal and the professional , a key aspect to develop teleworking in a healthy way.

In the same way, if possible, it is also recommended that an exclusive space be set up for work , instead of taking place in the same places where leisure and rest time is spent.

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