Advertising is not enough to keep Twitter’s business growing. At a time when social networks are rethinking new sources of income, the platform of the bird is testing a paid version, initially in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with the intention of exporting it to all its markets.

It is a proposal of three dollars a month that could be interesting for certain intensive users of the service. In exchange for that fee, the timeline deletes all ads, both those segmented by the likes of the tweeter and the rest. In addition, Twitter offers other types of features such as the ability to undo the message just written. To do this, the user has up to 30 seconds to retrieve the tweet sent in case of sudden regret.

Likewise, the premium version groups together the main messages -those most shared in the last 24 hours-, especially valuable for people who want to find out about everything that circulates on said network in just a few seconds. “The functionality is aimed at users who do not want to be distracted by tweets with little value and who want to make the most of their exposure time on Twitter,” says a user of the new functionality from the United States.

For video content generators, the paid model supports clips up to 10 minutes long. However, the company remains faithful to the founding ideology of not allowing the editing of already distributed tweets, not even for premium users. “It is a red line that I doubt that one day we will be able to cross”, sources close to the US company explain to this newspaper. Neither does the Twitter Blue version, as it is called, affect unverified users interested in wearing the identifying star on their profile, without the rules for admission to this protected club being relaxed.

Twitter Blue directly targets the most active users of the platform, which according to internal calculations corresponds to a quarter of the total. In fact, 25% of the accounts send 97% of all the tweets that feed the service, while three-quarters of the users limit themselves to reading, without contributing new content.

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