We know that making a good influencer marketing strategy is not just anything, it requires different points of work that must be taken into account.

What are the keys?
1) Analyze which is the appropriate social network to carry out your influencer campaign.

2) Select a list of Influencers taking into account their style, values, type of followers that suit your brand.

3) Before contacting them, monitor their profiles for a reasonable time and analyze what they publish, what impact it has, what kind of quantitative but above all qualitative comments their publications have.

4) Measure their engagement , you may get more than one surprise.

5) When setting a budget , if your campaign is focused on sales, analyze very well the investment you are going to make in each one of them.

6) Establish a briefing as clear as possible. Editorial freedom is key but there are parameters that you have to mark. Mentions, what can and cannot be said. Let it be noted that the influencer has knowledge of the product. There is nothing worse than talking about a product that is not well known. It is essential that the influencer is an ambassador for the brand and that they align with it, otherwise the campaign will not be successful.

7) Be original and creative. Look for different formats and connection with the public.

8) Control the publications at the time of publication. Many times mistakes are made and you have to make sure that the publication is perfect.

9) All by contract and as detailed as possible although we give the influencer freedom so that he can really transmit well to his community. We bet on these social media professionals since they know the value of a personal involvement with the product for a brand.

10) Make a comprehensive valuation report of the action and analyze the ROI to see if this is the right way or it is better to take another action.

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