15% of searches in online stores do not show relevant results to customers, one of the main reasons for abandoning eCommerce, without buying. Consumer demand for eCommerce in the Black Friday campaign has been growing exponentially.

Moreover, according to data from Doofinder, online searches to buy on Black Friday 2020 in Spain grew by more than 53% compared to other days of the year, and even those of Cyber ​​Monday or Singles Day (11 November ).

A growth in searches that translates into an increase in purchases: during the Black Friday 2020 campaign, online orders in Spain increased by 27% compared to 2019 , and the average turnover of eCommerce grew by almost 53%, according to data from the Channable online marketing tool. However, despite the great dimension of Black Friday for online stores, they lose many business opportunities because potential customers do not find relevant results in their searches. In fact, one of the main reasons for cart abandonment is for this reason, which occurs in 15% of searches made with standard search engines.

These figures show the importance of having a good search engine in an online store to maximize revenue during Black Friday and other times of high demand, such as Christmas. With this objective, Doofinder has analyzed the 5 main functionalities that an internal search engine for eCommerce should have, especially during these high demand campaigns:

Most wanted products
Black Friday has always been a business day very marked by trends. A good part of the customers will enter the webs looking directly for some of these star products of the season, so it is necessary for eCommerce to visualize the most popular searches in real time to have stock. In addition, in this way, they will be able to highlight current trends to customers, facilitating navigation.

Artificial Intelligence to recommend products
A smart online business is not only one that takes into account group trends, it must also be aware of the tastes and needs of each of its customers to personalize the search experience. In this sense, Artificial Intelligence makes internal search engines learn from the catalog and the searches of each consumer to suggest customized products.

Autocomplete and synonym recognition
Artificial Intelligence is also very useful to deliver the results that customers expect quickly and accurately. It also makes it possible to have results as soon as you start typing the desired product on the keyboard or even if it is misspelled.

Historical with recent searches
The vast majority of Black Friday shoppers don’t wait for Friday itself to look for their products. The normal thing is that they have already looked for them several weeks, or at least days, in advance. Therefore, a search engine capable of recording the latest searches made by each user will streamline the purchase process and improve customer satisfaction.

Voice searches
Audio is a fully consolidated tool in everyday life. In eCommerce it is still an emerging technology, but it can be a very attractive addition for customers who want to save time and do a part of the buying process with their voice.Llorenç Palomas, CMO of Doofinder, affirms that “an internal search engine that is fast, easy to use and offers the desired results, is key to satisfying the client’s wishes so that they do not go to the competition, especially in times of high demand. like Black Friday. “

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