69% of mass consumer product distribution companies predict that 2022 will be a year of growth for them. This is reflected in the AECOC sector barometer, which analyzes the responses of leading companies in mass consumption distribution – with an accumulated market share of 70% – and leading manufacturing companies in the sector. Specifically, 50% of the distribution projects a growth of over 4% in their turnover for next year and 19% believe that their turnover will improve between 1% and 3%. The remaining 31% are less optimistic about the future.

Thus, 25% of the distribution companies foresee that their turnover will remain stable and 6% indicate that they believe that it will decrease next year. Manufacturers are more optimistic in their forecasts. Up to 87% trust in having a 2022 growth, of which 56% expect an increase in their turnover above 4%.

Only 8% believe that their sales will stagnate and 5% point out that their results will worsen next year. The barometer shows how the impact of COVID-19 on changes in consumer habits is still relevant for the mass consumer sector. 75% of the companies consulted calculate that between 1% and 5% of their sales come from the transfer of consumption from outside to inside the home that has occurred during the health crisis and most believe that this behavior will continue throughout the year coming.

Bet on online
Another accelerated trend with the pandemic is the takeoff of e-commerce. In this sense, nine out of ten companies believe that Internet sales of mass consumption will continue to grow in 2022 and more than half expect their market share to be between 4% and 5%. Asked about the weight of online sales on their business, 50% of companies expect that they do not exceed 3% of their turnover.

Growth 2021
The AECOC survey also includes the forecasts of mass consumption companies regarding the decisive Christmas season. In this sense, 57% of companies believe that this period will be the same or better than last year, while 43% do not trust in improving sales in 2021.

The Christmas campaign will be decisive for the closing of the results of a 2021 that has responded to the forecasts of the companies. 63% of distributors point out that they will close the year in line with their projections for the beginning of the year, while 25% will be above their initial estimates. In the case of manufacturers, 42% will have the expected results, while 23% will close the year with better sales than expected.

Asked about their priorities for 2022, companies cite boosting sales, protecting their operating account from the impact of inflation and creating strategies to amortize the consequences of this inflationary context on the market. In relation to investments, companies point to innovation, sustainability, promotional activity, omnichannel and consumer knowledge as the main axes to which to allocate resources.

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