AppsFlyer has just published the results of a survey conducted with 113 marketing professionals in Spain, which inquired about the role that mobile phones currently play and how it works for business success. Among other data of interest, the results indicate that in Spain 73% of professionals in the sector believe that mobile is more important than other channels for business growth.

In addition, according to the survey, the update proposed by Apple with iOS 14.5 has been very well received among professionals, with an 84% positive evaluation. This 2021 has been an important year for the mobile marketing industry since, despite the challenges caused by the impact of COVID-19 on companies and individuals, the mobile applications industry in Spain has grown 33% compared to past year.

Mobile phones have become an essential tool in everyday life: from banking to entertaining with game apps or monitoring our health through monitoring apps. This evolution in the way of using the mobile has been a great opportunity for companies, which have begun to address their consumers mainly through mobile applications.

As a result of the results obtained from the survey, it has been revealed that three-quarters of the country’s marketers consider that applications play a key role in the growth of business revenues and that mobile marketing will account for more than 50% of the overall budget in the coming years.

There is no doubt that mobile is increasingly relevant and is already a priority for companies and, consequently, mobile marketing is also on the rise, mainly driven by the need for companies to attract and retain customers, as well as to improve the experience of these. Although digital marketing is currently responsible for the majority of new users, In the next two years, almost half of Spanish marketing professionals will turn to mobile marketing to launch new products, as opposed to the discreet 12% who do so now.

As a counterpoint, another of the most interesting data that the study has thrown is the little confidence that these Spanish professionals have in the ability of their organization to measure the ROI (Return of investment, for its acronym in English) of mobile marketing campaigns .

On the other hand, the entry into force of the new Apple iOS 14.5 update, whereby users are the ones who decide directly whether or not they want to share their data with applications, has provided a huge opportunity for the sector to reformulate measurement of marketing, where privacy is not seen as a limit, but as a starting point.

The survey reveals that 85% of marketers believe that the update has had a significant impact on the way their company executes mobile marketing campaigns, but despite this, 84% of surveyed professionals continue valuing Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update positively, which means that the industry has adapted positively to this change in privacy. As a consequence, most professionals recognize the need to move towards more sophisticated forms of measurement, especially in an era in which privacy and dependence on aggregate data prevail.

In this sense, the entire mobile ecosystem must come together to educate consumers about the data they share and the benefits they get from doing so, so they can make informed decisions that improve their experience. Undoubtedly, mobile marketing will continue to grow in Spain and data measurement tools will become a key component for companies, meaning a guaranteed bet to obtain benefits. Not only will they stay ahead of the competition in terms of growth, but they will be able to optimize their results by making data-driven decisions about where to spend their budgets.

The survey was conducted by Brand Potential at the end of October 2021 and was completed by 113 marketers from all over Spain. Most of the respondents were primarily responsible for their company’s mobile marketing strategy, but all of them had at least one influential decision-maker role in the strategy. There was a fair distribution between SMEs and large companies.

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