The purpose is equally important for companies and 42.2% of Spaniards take it into account when applying for a job offer. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced 43% of large companies to seek a new position in society in the face of the new social scenario The communication consultancy Hotwire and the creative agency Kitchen presented this morning at the headquarters of El Club de Creativos the study ‘Un Propósito para Todos’, an investigation that analyzes the importance of purpose in Spanish companies that are leading change.

According to this research, 85% of Spanish companies already have a purpose and are oriented, in the first place, towards consumers (76.7%), followed by employees (65.1%) and suppliers (62.8% ). However, 75% of consumers do not know if the brands they consume have a purpose. In this sense, its relevance is greater among the youngest audiences: while in the 18 to 25 age group the level of knowledge of the purpose is 44%, in audiences over 45 it does not exceed 23%. Asked about the purpose of the brands they consume, generation Z claims to know it by 34%, compared to 17% of baby boomers.

“The study reveals the maturity of Spanish companies with respect to understanding the social dimension of the purpose and how it contributes to the development of society. However, there are still areas for improvement in communicating the purpose to their audiences”, explains Ludi García , Managing Director of Hotwire Spain.

“It is clear, as we see in the research, that consumers want brands to position themselves on the issues that matter most to them such as the environment, sustainability or diversity, but we see that this message is not getting through, and most of Consumers continue to associate purpose with actions related to the environment “, adds Iñaki Bendito, President and Chief Creative Officer of Kitchen.

According to the study, the purpose has become a priority for large Spanish companies, since in 70% of the cases it is the responsibility directly of the general management, followed by communication and marketing (53% and 51% respectively). At this time, the consumer demands a greater commitment from brands and companies, a trend that continues to rise. The percentage of Spaniards who consider it relevant that the brands they consume have a purpose has gone from 59% in 2020 (Brands with a Social conscience, Hotwire 2020) to 66% in 2021. This figure remains balanced in all age groups.

The pandemic forces a redefinition of the role of companies
The pandemic has represented a turning point in about 43% of Spanish companies, which have seen how this circumstance has prompted them to redefine the issues on which they position themselves as a company before their audiences. In fact, from the point of view of Spanish companies, sustainability and the environment are the main issues on which to position itself and articulate its action plan, followed by diversity, health and sanitation.

Purpose as a talent attraction
Purpose is not only important to consumers. Increasingly, job seekers are focusing on companies with a purpose. Thus, up to 42.2% value it when applying for a job offer.

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