72% of users admit to paying to watch video online and 46.5% would give up their data in exchange for free access to a premium payment platform. In terms of including ads to access free content, 61.4% would agree with this option. The mobile is the most used device for watching online videos (74.3%). The laptop (51.6%), the smart TV (41.6%), the PC (34.3%) and the tablet (28.8%) occupy the following positions. November 18, 2021.

IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, today presented the ‘Annual Online Video Study 2021’, developed in collaboration with the Inmark Research Institute, and sponsored by Adevinta Spain, A leading company in digital marketplaces, with more than 18 million users per month on its platforms in the real estate sectors (Fotocasa and habitaclia), employment (InfoJobs), motor (autos.net and motos.net) and sale of second-hand items (Milanuncios).

The main objective of this annual study is to know the state of the online video market in Spain and show the possibilities it offers to the digital industry as one of the most powerful tools for advertisers to target their consumers.

Market sizing and consumption habits
The penetration of online video users on the Internet population is 92%, while on the total population it is 86.4%. With regard to the most viewed content on online video, the first position is occupied by Series (92.3%) followed by Film / Animation (89.1%); News / Information (85.2%) and Music (82.2%).

Regarding the weekly viewing frequency, the Short Videos on RRSS (10.87 times) and the Influencers / Streamers (7.77 times) stand out. The mobile is the most used device for watching online videos (74.3%), followed by the laptop (51.6%), the smart TV (41.6%), the PC (34.3%) and the tablet ( 28.8%).

Regarding multiscreen consumption, the online videos that are most viewed at the same time as traditional TV are the Series followed by Cinema and Animation and News and Information. Regarding the interaction with other users during viewing, the related online videos stand out. with Influencers / Streamers and Short Videos on RRSS. The preferred chats to interact with family and friends are messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Platforms / RRSS to consume online video
Analyzing the notoriety of platforms and social networks to watch online videos in first position, we find YouTube (91.8%), followed by Facebook (76.7%), Instagram (73.9%), Netflix (73.2%) and WhatsApp (70.7%). Regarding the penetration of platforms and social networks to watch online videos, the ranking is as follows: YouTube (82.8%), Netflix (48.9%), Instagram (43.4%), Amazon Prime (42.5%) and Facebook (42.4%).

Perception of advertising in online video
Analyzing the penetration of payment for content, 72% of users admit to paying to watch video online. Series and cinema / animation are the most prominent content in terms of the proportion of users who pay to watch them (more than 80%). Regarding the acceptance of advertising, the degree of agreement with including ads in exchange for watching content / programs for free is 61.4%. The most accepted time to see advertising is before starting the video playback (47 , 9%). Regarding the duration of the advertisement, the vast majority of users prefer advertisements of up to 20 seconds maximum.

The interest in activating / deactivating the audio of the ads is very significant for the majority of online video users (77.4%). Regarding the proclivity to a premium payment option, it is interesting for 52.8% . Only 27.2% reject it. When asking users if they would give up their data in exchange for free access to content through a premium paid platform, 46.5% would. In this case, the rejection rises to 32.0%. The livestream shopping option is interesting for 50.1%. On the other hand, 58.8% find the video shoppable option interesting.

The opinion of the professionals
74.5% of professionals in the digital industry consider that online video in advertising contributes a lot to meeting the objectives of a certain campaign. Another of the conclusions drawn from the survey of professionals is that it is a very relevant discipline for branding strategies. Professionals also point out that online video considerably improves viewing and CTR results if the environment in which it is released is contextualized.

For Alberto Martín, Advertising Sales Director & Milanuncios Sales Director of Adevinta Spain: “Online video is increasingly in vogue among those of us who dedicate ourselves to digital advertising since for us it is a very useful format that allows us to connect with the user For this reason, for companies with digital DNA and that have a user centric vision, such as Adevinta Spain, online video is synonymous with both the present and the future. For this reason, reports such as the Annual Online Video Study prepared by IAB Spain and that we sponsor from Adevinta Spain also become a key tool to get to know our users better and know how to be relevant to them “.

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