With an estimated population of 4.7 billion Internet users in the world, which represents 60% of the world’s population (according to data from Digital 2021), digital advertising has become a tool of vital importance for organizations, by as well as a crucial source of income for publishing groups.

According to data from Digiday +, for 88% of the media, Branded Content has become the second most important source of income, only behind Display Advertising, mentioned by 98% of publishers and ahead of Video Advertising (76 %).

According to Juan Luis Fuentes, Commercial Director of Getfluence in Spain, “last year marked a turning point in the type of information sources used to find out about the pandemic; there was a significant increase in the reading of premium content in the media. influential, because of the authority they represent, their reputation and seriousness to the detriment of social networks “.

According to a study by the BBVA Foundation, 75% of citizens sought information about Covid-19 in the traditional media (digital versions of newspapers, digital newspapers, radio and television), which are ranked as the most reliable media.

Social networks were only used as a means of information by 40% of Spaniards. This trend has favored both large and small publishing groups, which have seen their digital advertising revenue increase, as well as companies that have opted for Branded Content and sponsored content, improving their reputation and credibility as well as their SEO positioning.

Fuentes explains that “this relationship can be established directly, between companies and the media, or use Branded Content platforms that facilitate this communication and streamline the management and publication of sponsored content.” He adds that “when running a Branded Content campaign, companies should not take on too many responsibilities to be able to focus only on their core business.”

Instead of searching for their own contacts and potentially dealing with the wrong people, organizations can use specialized branded content platforms to access a diverse catalog of influential publishers and media specifically tailored to their project. According to Fuentes, “thanks to Getfluence, a company can save up to 70% of the time it spends managing its Branded Content campaigns, without having to worry about negotiating rates with the media, a task that the platform performs in advance.”

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