2020 has been marked by COVID-19 and by its consequences both at a social and labor level. Despite the uncertainty caused by the COVID health crisis and the consequent economic-social crisis, the process of digitization and technological transformation in the different sectors of our economy has been unstoppable and the IT & TELCO sector has been reinforced.

In this context, Spring Professional, has presented the IV Spring Professional Guide to the labor market 2021: IT & TELCO that analyzes the fifteen most demanded positions in the sector in Spain from a salary, functional and geographic distribution point of view. Current situation and predictions for 2021 The situation experienced in 2020 has further accelerated the process of digitization and technological transformation in the different sectors of our economy.

In the middle of last year, many of the technological projects that the organizations included in their agenda were paralyzed by the uncertainty of the context, but now we observe a progressive recovery and a reactivation of the plans. The “data driven decision making” philosophy has moved organizations more than ever, requiring, more and more, professionals to help them design, implement and put into operation those technological structures that facilitate data for this decision-making based on in the evidence.

This trend affects all sectors. In the first place, due to the clear movement of traditional sales channels towards the online channel, with an annual growth of 20%. Second, due to the digitization of more traditional sectors, which already have advanced software for their operational management and data collection and analysis; and, thirdly, due to the increase in offshoring or remote work, A report published by the Adecco Group Institute concludes that, in the unique scenario in which we moved last year, the IT & TELCO sector was the one that generated the most jobs, occupying 17% of job vacancies.

Madrid and Catalonia are the areas with the highest concentration of demand, accounting for 40% and 28% respectively of the national calculation. On the other hand, an imbalance between the demand for this type of profiles in the market and the available talent continues to be observed. The IT & TELCO sector remains a sector clearly led by the candidates, which justifies the upward trend in salaries as a cause of, on the one hand, the enormous competition between companies to attract talent and, on the other, of the increase of professionals who work remotely for foreign companies with slightly higher salaries.

Profiles and salaries in the IT & TELCO sector
The salaries of the sector vary depending on the degree of experience, the region in which they work, and the type of company: startup or corporate. Startups are considered to be those that are less than 5 years old and are growing, and corporate those that are already consolidated, of more than five years of existence and with a sustained growth over time. Chief Information Office (CIO) is the highest paid profile in Spain in 2021 in the IT & TELCO sector and its salary range is very wide depending on the sector and size of the contracting company, ranging between 60,000 euros and 250,000 euros per year if it exceeds a decade of experience in a corporate. It is followed by the position of Cibersecurity Manager with a salary that reaches 125,000 euros per year.

With salaries that move around 80,000 and 70,000 euros per year are professionals such as Data Architect, Engineering Manager and SW Architect . They are followed by positions such as DevOps / SRE and Cloud Architect that can receive from 65,000 to 60,000 euros per year on average.

He is the highest paid professional in the IT & TELCO sector. The salary range of this type of profiles is very wide depending on the sector and size of the contracting company. It can range between 60,000 euros and 250,000 euros per year. Organize, manage and align the information systems to the strategy of each company. It drives business change and improves the efficiency of internal processes.

As it is a cross-sectional profile, it is demanded for any type of company that needs an information organization at a technological level: startup, SMEs or even large multinationals.

The annual salary for these professionals reaches 125,000 euros. He is responsible for guaranteeing and defining the company’s security policies, analyzing possible internal and external computer risks. It must also ensure compliance with the different existing regulatory frameworks. It is an increasingly important role due to the increase in computer attacks and is a figure of vital importance in both the public and private sectors.

Their remuneration reaches 80,000 euros per year. It is the person who is in charge of designing, creating and managing all the technological infrastructure necessary for the exploitation, management and analysis of a company’s data. It is a highly requested profile in companies related to electronic commerce, financial services and search engines and, after all, by companies that generate a large volume of data.

The annual remuneration for this profile reaches 80,000 euros gross per year. It is a figure that is created in digital product development companies and whose name comes from digital companies in the United States. He is in charge of managing production processes and product development teams. Its functions include the management of the engineering team, the analysis and implementation of processes within its team to allow cost savings and an improvement and / or automation of activities that facilitate and / or optimize the daily work of the engineering team of software.

The salary of the Software Architect can reach 70,000 euros per year. It is a key piece in the conception of a new product. He is responsible for high-level decision making in the development process and decides on the design, technical measures, platforms and programming languages ​​to be used or the programming standards to be used in the project.

The annual salary of this figure reaches 65,000 euros. It is a profile with a philosophical / methodological approach that combines code development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). This combination aims to reduce development process times, providing continuous delivery and increasing quality standards, all within agile methodologies.

The average remuneration reaches 60,000 euros per year and is another of the most demanded positions within the Cloud world. Designs, coordinates and manages the cloud computing infrastructure of companies. There are three Cloud models depending on the needs of the company: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

This profile is the one who makes the decision of which is the type of cloud that best fits and will be optimal for the company. The role is highly complex, since it must have experience and coordinate both with the areas of operations and applications, software, integrations and security.

The salary of the BI Consultant reaches 58,000 euros per year. This professional extracts and organizes data in order to optimize it and be able to make strategic decisions with it. Its main functions are data modeling, data integration and ETL’s, as well as the creation of reports.

The Data Scientist salary is around 58,000 euros per year. He is a data expert who is in charge of extracting knowledge from various sources. The goal is for you to be able to answer questions and make strategic decisions. It focuses on two types of data analysis: descriptive analysis and predictive analysis. Descriptive analysis is focused on describing the key trends in the analyzed data. Predictive analytics is based on predicting future data based on past trends.

His annual salary reaches 58,000 euros. It is the profile that makes the data accessible for manipulation by Data Scientists. It prepares the entire ecosystem so that others can get their data clean and ready for analysis.

The remuneration for this profile reaches 58,000 euros per year. The ERP Consultant (business management software) implements, customizes and updates business management software in organizations. Its main functions are to define the business requirements in order to fully understand the initial activity flows from which it starts, the design of the new processes already defined previously in the requirements gathering, and customize the new functionalities of the system according to with these new processes and, finally, take care of user training.

His average annual salary reaches 57,000 euros. He is in charge of managing a technology project from start to finish. Among its main functions, we highlight the definition of the project, its execution, and its completion and delivery. Finally, there is the monitoring in the short term to be able to give support in the incidents that may arise once everything is put into production.

The salary of the Full Stack Developer is in a range that ranges from 35,000 euros to 45,000 euros per year for profiles with 3-4 experience. If you have more than 4 years of experience, it can reach up to 55,000 euros per year. It is the most demanded profile this year due to its technical completeness and the global vision of the product it provides. It is a hybrid profile between Front End Developer and Back End Programmer. It combines technological knowledge of both parties and is capable of carrying out the integral development of the solutions with autonomy. You don’t have to master all the technologies, but you are expected to work on both the client and server side and you must understand what happens when developing an application.

His annual remuneration reaches 53,000 euros, and it is a profile in high demand in all companies. He is the person closest to the business and works in the data processing cycle of a company. It is in charge of the interpretation and analysis of the data so that the company can make decisions. The rise in these types of profiles is due to the tendency of companies to be Data Driven (companies that base their decisions on data).

The average salary of this figure reaches 52,000 euros per year. With the growth of new technologies and digital transformation, there has been a great change in infrastructures and the way of storage of companies. With this, a multitude of specialized positions emerge in the Cloud world. Among the most valued, is that of Cloud Engineer, which implements, standardizes and manages applications in the cloud. In the next step, with salaries that are around 58,000 euros per year, there are profiles such as BI Consultant, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, ERP Consultant, IT Project Manager and Full Stack Developer . The latter is the most sought after professional in the sector in 2021. Finally, in the IT & TELCO sector, Data Analyst and Cloud Engineer positions can earn an annual salary of 53,000 euros.

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