It is paradoxical, but, to a certain extent, this pandemic confinement has given us the freedom to have technology as a key ally for both personal and professional development. Due to the incessant technological evolution in current days and the accessible supply of devices, the high penetration of cell phones and computers in world society has helped us to establish an interconnectivity of users, creating a broad and solid technological network.

The reach of digital has not only diversified the communication channels between people, but has also inserted us into a time where human needs and connections have been defining the success or failure of the development of business strategies.

Like all crises, this one also generates new opportunities, which arise as reinventions of strategies in the face of the slowdown in the dynamism of the socioeconomic. The pause of socio-economic activities outside the home has forced us to invest more time in the consumption of digital media, with the immediate reach of social networks, communication platforms, applications and web portals of all kinds.

The habit of avoiding physical contact is contributing greatly to promoting digital movements, forcing companies to reallocate their budgets and strategies, where traditional formats no longer prevail. According to the above, everything concerning communications and advertising must migrate, to a large extent, to the digital universe.

Taking advantage of the use of digital resources during this time, and reinventing ourselves to stimulate technological interactions, is a challenge that will undoubtedly improve the consumer experience, captivating them in the face of the comfortable practices promoted by the technological universe.

Companies must constantly reinvent themselves and seek new formulas so as not to stagnate in a context of traditional practices that is gradually becoming obsolete. There are various business opportunities in this new digital environment, and these should be exploited taking into account that every day there are new users learning to use online tools, a behavior that contributes to companies having the opportunity to penetrate and develop a market full of consumers.

Next, these are Digital Marketing vehicles and tactics to take into account in this technological ecosystem: Create videos with content that touch the emotional fibers of consumers with issues related to family well-being and how brands can contribute in this situation; This can ensure brand visibility and expansion.

Ads on digital press platforms to take advantage of the constant traffic of users who are exposed to online news. Bet on having greater visibility on social networks due to increased consumption during this context. Invest efforts in SEO tacticswith words that generate high traffic, managing to distance itself from the competition and thus position the brand with originality.

Establish strategic digital alliances with the public-private sector to transcend the personality of the brand and position it as a collaborative company in search of collective care. Finally, companies must constantly update themselves on those needs that arise from this crisis and thus be in line with the wishes of society.

Unfortunately we are going through an unprecedented situation, which is going to mark a milestone in personal and professional behavior. Many sectors will be affected, forced to reinvent their business practices and their interaction with customers.

The current situation is promoting all digital interaction, and its acceleration continues by leaps and bounds, forcing us to be part of this technological universe to ensure business well-being that meets consumer expectations.

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