Again these people sending me their offer? It is a question that many people ask ourselves when browsing, when opening email, even receiving continuous calls, is what can be considered as invasive digital marketing, is this marketing profitable for the brand? Is efficient? …

Whoever follows her gets it, says an old saying that there is no lack of reason, what happens is that everything has a limit, and the problem is that this limit is set by the client in the case of digital marketing.

When a customer does not consider, does not feel like it, has rejected or simply considers that it is not the time to pay attention to that offer and the brand insists on continuing to establish business contacts with him, this is what invasive digital marketing is.

When the relationship emerged or established between brand and customer, the latter values ​​it as heavy, invasive, exhausting or some synonyms of these, we are facing a harmful relationship for both.

In digital marketing, this feeling of persecution is occurring in too many cases, that feeling that the brand is harassing the customer, and this is done mainly because technology allows it and because of the misconception that contacting the customer more times will produce more. interest, more conversions, more sales, however, this is not the case in practice and in fact someone who handles this marketing knows that these are not the relationships that suit the brand or the customer.

In marketing we know that the need is not always enough for someone to buy or be interested in what they need, we also know in marketing that time to market determines a large volume of sales, that is, to offer or interact at the right time in the that the client is “mature” and interested in satisfying their need, without that interest, all contact will only generate “commercial smoke” of little value for the brand.

In digital marketing we have “the temptation” that we can act and interact with the client via advertising, mail, web, telephone, land pages, etc. when we want, at any time, when the client connects, when doing a search, in short when we want, this is undoubtedly a great power and like all great power, it has a great responsibility, which is knowing how to manage it in such a way that the It is not just about interacting so that the analytical ratios do not leave us feeling that we have not tried, but it is about increasing the efficiency in those interactions, without causing boredom in the client, that is, in other words Offering ourselves at the moment that we provoke more sales, interest or action in the client, that is the great challenge.

How many interactions, presences, contacts, We must carry out shipments in such a way that we achieve the maximum level of commercial efficiency with the client? All those that the client considers of value for content “to solve their problem” and that occur at the right time for them.

Achieving this level of efficiency is not easy at all, today’s digital marketing strategies often go through: “being present at all times, causes more opportunities for success”, and that is false, but not only that. We all know that the client’s boredom with a “heavy” or invasive brand causes a perception of that brand that is not very desirable for its claims:

Saturation, the customer feels saturated with the behaviors and interactions proposed by the brand

Lower value of the brand to the customer

Rejection of the mark for weighing

Impoverishment of its image, the perception of the brand deteriorates if it was good, if it was not, the bad image of it is enhanced to maximum levels

Distance from this, is the effect before the invasion, flee

Bad comments about her

Perception of invasion of the client’s privacy, the client believes that the brand is occupying a space that should only belong to the client, with which the brand is seen as an “invasive” species to be vacated.

Boredom, as I say, can cause a customer who could buy from us, flee from us, but not in any way, but with a bad perception of the brand, in these cases the recovery of this customer is difficult, for not commenting on the negative comments network that will generate among other potential clients and therefore the impact on reputation that all this entails, which may even overshadow the magnificent offer that we make available to you or worse, generate a negative reputation in the market for reasons beyond the control of offer and brand values.

In marketing we know that time is a fundamental component to succeed with the client, so creating overwhelming, invasive, intrusive digital marketing planning will cause a stream of elusive customers, so we must know how to identify gestures, customer behaviors that we indicate that they want a new interaction and in what sense it should be promoted, I insist that digital marketing is more a behavioral issue than technology, which is only the support we use to interact.

I already know that it is easy that the moment a client looks for a kitchen table, we who are manufacturers of these products and who handle digital marketing like nobody else, can send advertising to your e-mail immediately, every time you browse that advertising appears our, that we can obtain their data and contact that client, and all the interactions that occur to us of the creative type that we see fit and we can establish them in the most unexpected places, this is easy because technologically it can be done, but if we do not put the component Human, when you are going to be interested, when you want us to contact us, in what way you want the content, we run the risk of practicing invasive marketing that the client will reject.

Not even many Inbound marketing campaigns avoid all this that I am telling you. When you want us to contact you, in what way you want the content, we run the risk of practicing invasive marketing that the customer will reject. Not even many Inbound marketing campaigns avoid all this that I am telling you.

When you want us to contact you, in what way you want the content, we run the risk of practicing invasive marketing that the customer will reject. Not even many Inbound marketing campaigns avoid all this that I am telling you.

The planning of digital marketing (like that of all the marketing that we apply) must accommodate the moments in which the client is to be interested or buy our offer, it is about provoking a healthy relationship, of interest on both parties and trying to be very respectful of the client’s space and time.

Nowadays, digital marketing, indeed, I think that it is invasive in a frequent way in too many brands, that denotes little respect for the client, but above all a low knowledge of the client, and this is something that no marketing has managed to survive.

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