Until not long ago, eSports were a kind of curiosity of the network, a specific market niche that operated in a very specific environment. Now, however, esports have become a hot spot.

Not only are they attracting ever larger audiences, they have also become the avenue to reach demographics that traditional sports are losing out on. At the same time, brands have begun to understand their value and their investment in sponsorships and other brand actions is on the rise.

Esports have become a kind of new El Dorado, both for sports and in advertising and marketing. It is a terrain to be conquered and one with great potential, which is leading to more and more attention being paid to it and more relevance to it.

And, if you have to pay attention and work in that environment, it seems inevitable that an entire industry related to this space will also appear. In addition to the electronic sports companies themselves and their own athletes, specialized media, product companies for this environment, gaming influencers or, one could almost take for granted, marketing specialists for electronic sports have appeared.

Knowledge in eSports is one of those skills that usually appears on the lists of skills that marketers should have and in which they should start to train. It is also the essence that defines a new ecosystem of agencies that is emerging in the heat of this emerging terrain.

It’s one of those elements of the marketing lifecycle: when something appears to be disrupting the market, soon afterward, service providers appear to dominate it. It already happened at the time when Amazon was integrated into the needs in marketing and advertising: agencies began to emerge in parallel. Natives vs the usual In line with eSports, as Digiday identifies in an analysis , two types of agency formats are appearing.

On the one hand, there are the specialized agencies, native to the world of electronic sports. These agencies were born directly from this environment and with professionals who are experts in electronic sports, because they come from them.

On the other, and almost expected and obvious considering the growth of eSports in the market, there is the work of traditional marketing and advertising agencies, which are beginning to create either specialized departments or hiring professionals with this background, to to be able to offer its services in this area. The large marketing and advertising agencies, the global “big 5”, are entering or are going to do so in this segment.

The agencies are signing out for a practical matter, that of the very nature of the market. As one of the experts the British media has spoken to explains, “in the gaming space, the audience is part of a close-knit community. So you need to have an understanding of that.”

In general, in fact, both agencies and others must face the same challenge, that of demonstrating that they are authentic voices that have knowledge, experience and real interest in the world of gaming. Is an all-out war looming for the eSports marketplace?

The sources Digiday is talking to ca n’t quite believe it, because the market is still in an early stage and has so much to grow that it seems there are still years of bonanza for everyone. Also, the two types of agencies are sold very differently. Some use their high specialization and native pedigree as a lever. The others suggest that they are agencies with much more expensive and can also reach other areas.

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