For many professionals, summer is the time when, thanks to a more relaxed schedule, pending issues are taken up and gaps are filled. It is the opportunity that many have to catch up, either on work issues that have fallen behind or on the acquisition of knowledge for which they had not had time until now.

Summer is thus an opportunity for training , with summer courses and training plans in marketing and advertising that help to acquire key skills. Marketers’ curriculum tends to focus on those skills and knowledge in increasing demand.

The most in-demand skill lists often feature in marketing courses . At the same time, marketers can take advantage of these months to acquire those skills that are most necessary for the immediate future, the ones that will help them survive the remainder of 2021.

Just principles, activism and goals
Brand activism has become one of the key elements for the future of companies. Consumers want companies to have clear principles and to work in that direction. But if a few years ago it was accepted that companies made promises without more or that they talked about the issues in a general way, now they want a real commitment to be demonstrated and that it is known what they are talking about.

They have to support those ideas ‘for real’. And that means marketers have to train. Not only do you have to do courses and related training plans, but you also have to update that knowledge at all times. Reading about these topics and keeping an eye on the latest news and developments is crucial to connecting.

Team management: the challenge of the new offices
Those responsible for marketing teams will have to refine their team management more than ever. What they have learned in the last year and a half, with the telecommuting boom and the need to maintain social distance, will help them. It is expected that the immediate future of the office will go through hybrid environments, which will combine face-to-face and remote work, but which will again force work dynamics to change. Also, do not forget that the situation right now is very delicate.

The industry is already beginning to talk about the Great Scare, a massive flight of marketers looking for new jobs or leaving the profession. Many of them are expected to become freelancers, thus avoiding working for a company or an agency. All of this makes talent management more crucial than ever.

Strengthen technology
A study by Robert Walters on the areas of specialization in which there is a greater demand for marketing professionals already pointed out, a couple of months ago, the importance of technology. In 2021, what companies are looking for the most for their templates in marketing are skills connected, in one way or another, with technology and its application.

Thus, for example, social media will continue to be a prominent hiring engine. Obviously, it is no longer valid to do the community manager course ‘at 2008’, but you have to go a lot further. Companies are looking for experts in generating content for social networks, but also in extracting insights from them. In addition, professionals with knowledge of web environments and, especially, e-commerce are also sought.

Marketers need to reinforce their tech skills and knowledge. This study is, in fact, just one of many on what marketers need and what the industry is asking for. The latest study of LinkedIn’s most in-demand marketing skills also puts the epicenter on everything that involves technology and digital marketing.

Thus, the areas in which there is a greater gap between what professionals offer and what companies seek are in this territory. There is a gap in digital strategy, in link building, in search advertising, in off-page SEO or in the use of Omniture, the Adobe tool. These are the areas with the greatest separation between supply and demand, but not the only ones.

A mix of the old and the new
Thus, the list of the most requested skills in marketing job offers are a mixture of old skills and new needs. In this order, what is most requested in the offers is capacity in press releases, HTML, web analytics, sales promotion, administrative assistance, digital marketing, knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, skills in retail sales, mastery of Google Analytics and control from CMS.

For the remainder of the year, LinkedIn estimates that more capabilities will begin to be requested in Instagram, content marketing, creative problem solving, brand recognition or branding.

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