The Internet has become a basic and crucial piece of digital advertising and marketing strategy. Advertisers are migrating their investments from traditional media to online media, chasing audiences that spend more and more time in those spaces.

But no matter how much this happens, marketers still don’t trust digital channels with their eyes closed, so to speak. Different studies on perception and trust have shown this. The latest research on the issue has been done by Digiday + and the data, as collected by eMarketer, shows a certain disconnect between marketers and digital channels. In general, advertisers report that they have low trust in digital channels, even though they spend a lot of money on them.

In fact, we must not forget that the data on investment trends in the advertising market have been clearly indicating in recent times that online investment is growing and already exceeds traditional media. Thus, when marketers were asked about their level of trust in eight digital channels, none of them had a trust ratio greater than 43%. Of course, the data of those who said they had extremely low confidence are also very low. Google, the one that inspires the most confidence Which digital channel inspires the most trust among advertisers, adding up the different degrees of trust?

Not surprisingly – it gets the best slice of the online advertising pie – Google gets the best trust data. 68% of those surveyed indicate that they feel confident or very confident about the results they achieve on the channel. Two-thirds of those surveyed admit that they take a very important part of their advertising investment. After Google, Instagram and Facebook are positioned, achieving that 57 and 55% respectively of the respondents say that they trust or trust their data a lot. 55% say that Instagram is a very important part of their spending and 56% say it of Facebook.

Other channels have a very positive perception, but they cannot turn it into a clear expense. 43% say they trust Amazon, but half of those surveyed admit that they are not investing in advertising on the platform. What this tells us about the market In the end, what this shows is that the players with a longer trajectory and more established in the advertising market are those that have already established themselves in the marketers’ accounts. That is, advertisers know them, they have been using them for years and years and this has already made them a basic piece of their advertising strategy.

After all, Facebook has been leading measurement scandals and loss of trust among advertisers, but despite this it continues to occupy prominent positions in terms of trust among those responsible for campaigns. This reality shows how difficult things are for newcomers to the market or those who want to break the dominance of the so-called duopoly, Facebook and Google. They have to earn the trust of advertisers, but also turn that trust into investment. Is not easy.

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