Customer service is one of the most complex points in the relationship between consumers and brands. Companies need to offer the best possible customer service, because this has established itself as a fundamental piece in the relationships between them.

For buyers, the image of the brand is formed not only by what happens before and during the purchase, but also by what happens right after. In fact, you just have to think about how some companies have established a great reputation based in a special way on how they serve their customers after the purchase.

But offering this optimal after-sales service is not always easy. First, companies tend to focus far more resources on the before than after, leaving their customer services to deal with problems with much more limited room for maneuver. Second, establishing the best channels to connect with buyers and make things work efficiently is not easy.

What do consumers want and what will allow you to connect with them in the best possible way? Social networks have positioned themselves in recent years as an emerging channel, one of those places that consumers turn to when they want to make complaints. Posting the outrage tweet or filling the brand’s latest Instagram update with angry comments is almost like default behavior in the age of digital marketing. However, it is also the space to ask questions, resolve doubts and manage the connection with the brand.

A study by Mitto indicates that consumers already see social networks as an optimal channel to connect with brands. That is, it is not only that place where you are going to release an avalanche of complaints, but also the space in which you manage everything related to your purchases and brands.

More customer service on social media
Thus, 70% of consumers recognize that they use social networks more since the coronavirus pandemic began and 58% that since then they communicate much more via social environments with brands and companies. That is, as they spend more time on social media they have also begun to use it as a platform for customer service.

If this happens, it is because consumers are very comfortable with the idea. 87% of those surveyed feel comfortable sending messages via social networks to brands and 77% say that they have already connected with a brand through this space to ask for help. 79% of those who did describe the experience as positive.

Why do consumers end up using social media to connect with brands? 72% say that it is more comfortable, 61% that it is faster and 50% that the service is more personal. In short, they do it because they like it. 58% of those surveyed already say that they prefer to contact brands using social networks rather than by email, text message or phone call.

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