One of the most important challenges facing both the sales and marketing teams is finding the consumers most interested in your product and connecting with them, convincing them of the value of your offering.

Therefore, it is crucial to find quality leads and keep them, although getting it is by no means easy. Marketers must take advantage of all the tools available, making the most of them.

Among those key solutions that help when approaching potential customers, telephone prospecting is one of the most interesting. But what exactly is telephone prospecting and how does it help your sales and marketing strategy?

Do not think that telephone prospecting is simply picking up the phone and making call after call. A good telephone prospecting strategy applied to marketing and sales requires method and the best possible tools. You have to be very clear about what you are looking for and what steps will be followed to achieve it, but also rely on technological solutions that simplify processes and reinforce that strategy.

In fact, it is essential to use tools that help you work in the most effective way. This is what happens with Ringover, a 100% cloud solution that integrates telephony, video calls and instant messaging. It not only establishes a virtual switchboard – customizable and therefore adapts to the needs of each company – but it also simplifies teamwork and helps to access statistical data on how things are being done and what is being achieved. In addition, telephone prospecting actions must have their own, well-defined strategy that reinforces the marketing strategy.

The keys to the telephone prospecting strategy
Finding those contacts that will be the key to your strategy requires knowing your market well and understanding how links and connections should be established. When it comes to prospecting, you must take into account your existing customers. Customer loyalty is, as different studies have shown, very profitable, since it creates a regular income stream and eliminates all the costly process of establishing the first contact. Still, the potential of the contacts that are yet to be made should not be underestimated.

Companies need to keep growing and that means expanding the contact list over and over again. To find these new prospects, you must do a job of constant updating of the database. Events, congresses and fairs are a good way to find new opportunities, but so are other marketing actions, both digital and offline. One must always bear in mind, of course, the limits imposed by the data protection law and the borders that consumers do not tolerate companies crossing.

Even when the strict GDPR may allow it, if the customer is going to see the contact as simple spam it will not be worth it. Likewise, telephone prospecting can be a reinforcement for the inbound marketing strategy. Hand in hand, the two solutions help to have a much closer and more effective connection with consumers. Inbound marketing reaches those who have already shown interest in the company, previously responding to other complaints from the company. For telephone prospecting, this implies already having high-quality leads and makes that contact not cold-door but rather part of an ongoing conversation.

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