The presence of a company on the internet is becoming more and more important , but is it possible to do it effectively despite not having a specialized marketing department for it? There are many unknowns that arise when not much is known about how to do it, but here are some fundamental keys to do so.

And it is that traditional marketing or offline marketing and its techniques have been adapted to the digital ecosystem in such a way that today we can count on this new discipline that, despite being very similar to the traditional one, differs significantly.

Let’s take an example: A computer scientist who has to change the RAM memory of a computer, and does not have the appropriate and specialized tools, will not be able to ensure the success of his repair.

That is, in any profession the most important thing is to have the right tools for the different repairs, so it is just as essential to invest time with the available tools to ensure your online presence in the correct way.

Therefore, some of the fundamental tools that we must take into account when starting digital marketing are the following.

5 free and beginner digital marketing tools
WordPress . It is a content manager that can greatly facilitate our work in the digital field. With this tool, all kinds of websites can be created, with the advantage that it is free and open source.

Mailchimp . In this case, we are faced with a tool to manage email marketing campaigns, through which we can manage subscriber lists.

Canva . If what costs you the most is design, with this application you can become a design guru just by taking a look at its templates. It makes it easy for you to create images adapted to the thousand situations that you may encounter. In no case does it replace the work of the design professional, but it does help you to get out of the way at a certain moment.

Google Trends . A jewel known to very few. It is a tool that can provide us with the total number of searches made by users around the world on a keyword.

Hootsuite . When it comes to managing various accounts on social networks, it is a fantastic application, since it allows you to bring together in a single program, the different RRSS. Another of its advantages is that you can schedule the content and have it published at the time you want on the social network you prefer.

They are all advantages!
With these five tools, a small marketing strategy could be established that would ensure the presence of your company in the digital world. Because as we said at the beginning, today there are endless possibilities to be present without the need for a body of professionals.

While it is true that this would only be the beginning. The effectiveness and efficiency of a human team responsible for the marketing area of ​​the company can never be substituted. Since through their knowledge they will be able to establish much more competitive and effective strategies that really work in the best way.

On the other hand, in addition to ensuring the company’s online presence, there is a complete strategy for positioning in search engines . Something for which there are also a series of complex tools that take into account and focus on these parameters.

In summary, to get started in the world of digital marketing there are a whole series of possibilities, which, without the need to be an expert in the sector, can ensure proper functioning. Always supervised and completed with the efficiency of the experts in this field.

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