One could almost say that it is a habitual and expected cause-and-effect relationship. Every time there is a crisis, of whatever kind, it affects the labor market. The professional positions most in demand change, but also the workers who were already there have to face an avalanche of changes and readjustments.

For marketers and other marketing and advertising professionals, the crises of the 21st century have changed a lot. The 2008 crisis brought more precariousness and uncertainty to the market. The coronavirus has also completely turned things upside down.

At first, the great fear was that the pandemic crisis would cause a recession and that this would lead to the destruction of jobs. In a second moment, the effect has been much more complex and the situation has changed on several levels.

It is not just about readjusting the labor market or whether or not there will be layoffs, perceptions about day-to-day work and work routines have also changed (and we must not forget that the industry has been pointing out for years that the dynamics of work were not healthy) and a new perception about teleworking has settled . In fact, the marketing industry is one of those that is starring in what has come to be called the Great Scare .

The experiences lived during the coronavirus crisis have made many people think about things differently and have rebalanced the balance of what is compensated for and what is not. In what does not compensate them are, each time, the conditions of their work.

So they are leaving their jobs in search of something else. Is this creating a vacuum in marketing and advertising teams and expanding job market offerings? Investment in marketing and advertising has resumed in recent months and companies are already seeking to return to a dynamic of “normality” to try to attract consumers.

For that, they need staff specialized in marketing and advertising. Right now, and limiting the search to Spain, doing a search for marketing jobs in different employment platforms offers a mixed situation. At Infojobs, there are 2,869 job openings in marketing. On LinkedIn, by contrast, the number skyrockets. They are 19,043.

Offers triple compared to 2020
The data from some studies already speak of overwhelming growth. One that Reed has prepared, and that Marketing Week publishes , points out that in the six months prior to August of this year the number of job offers in marketing skyrocketed compared to what happened in 2020. The growth was 302%.

Vacancies and staff needs tripled from one year to the next. Of course, that yes, the starting point of comparison is very low: April 2020, they recall from the British media, was the worst time to look for a job in marketing. There was a record low of job offers in the sector.

From what was happening then to what is happening now, there is a clear trend towards recovery. In June, for example, the volume of job openings in marketing had skyrocketed by 561%. And who are the most benefited from this situation? The profile that stars in the highest percentage of these job offers is that of the marketing manager.

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