A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania has analyzed the impact of memes on society during the 2020 health crisis, concluding that their consumption helps reduce stress and improves people’s mood and mental health. In addition, compared to other types of media, memes generate higher levels of humor and positive emotions in the respondents, which makes them effective communicative pills for the dissemination of brand messages and products among their younger audiences.

As experts in digital environments, the communication agency 3AW has analyzed its current impact and prepared a series of tips for all those brands that want to implement them in their strategies. A meme is a virally transmitted cultural symbol, social idea, or conversational expression, often taking the form of an image, GIF, or set of text. It is capable of telling a story in a very brief way, using simple and easy-to-share content.

Despite their inconsequential appearance, many memes can exert a powerful social influence on public opinion. This is one of the reasons why more and more profiles of reputed brands are making use of memes to redirect them to their products or services and to be the alternative to traditional corporate communication.

As it is another marketing strategy, the basic rules of content creation in digital environments must be taken into account, such as focusing efforts on channels that report better interaction results and optimizing the size so that it is displayed correctly in each one of them. social networks. On the other hand, memes are a great option to connect with a target as complicated as the young public.

This type of audience is characterized by a high presence in social networks in which it is part of active communities where all types of content are shared, especially those easy to consume such as images and short videos. For this reason, the creation of memes offers a great branding opportunity for a business, since when a person shares a meme, the brand and logo are promoted at the same time.

Memejacking : finding opportunities through memes
The action of brands is known as memejacking to locate the ideal moments and content to make memes a good marketing strategy. There are 3 essential rules when creating your own memes for your business: Study the values ​​and your brand image: being an informal humorous resource, many companies do not have the appropriate products or services to generate strategies of this type.

To upload a meme you have to be very clear about the target you want to address, how you want to show yourself and, even more importantly, avoid the controversy and rejection that launching this type of publication may cause. Internalize the meme that you are going to use: they are not simply an image with funny texts, but they are much more than that.

A meme has a deep cultural context and a specific story, so many of them will not be suitable for your brand. Therefore, before sitting down to produce a meme, you should know and research it to make the meme you want to create really empathize with your audience. Knowing how to choose the right moment: although there are exceptions of memes that never go out of style, most of the memes are ephemeral.

It is important to be attentive to the most popular issues of today and to have enough creativity so that, by relating that fact to the brand, a meme can be produced that has a positive impact on the target audience. “Memes have entered the big door in the world of digital marketing, and many renowned companies have already starred in several success stories under these strategies.

Like many modern digital manifestations, memes even manage to cross the screen and influence the majority of the main current events, as happened in the 2016 US presidential elections between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There began the unstoppable advance of the phenomenon of memes “, explains the CEO of 3AW, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Caveda .

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