What do day-to-day marketers want? You could write a letter to the Three Wise Men, no matter how much we are still in summer, with this topic. Marketers are always looking for a lot and have high expectations of what they need and what would suit them best.

The studios have been in charge of outlining their needs and demands, focusing on different niches and work areas. But what do marketers and their companies generally want? What companies want the most is much more control over how they spend their money, as the findings of a global study conducted by Kantar and shared by Warc show.

In the study, marketers were asked about the issues their companies would like more control over. Slightly more than 80% of respondents agree to varying degrees with the idea that they would like to have more control over their company’s average spending. 48% strongly agree with this and 33% more or less agree.

After this point, marketers point out that their company’s goal is to sell more directly. 44% strongly agree and 39% agree to a certain degree with the fact that the company is following a direct-to-consumer strategy, that is, it is seeking to sell more directly and without going through intermediaries .

Direct-to-consumer companies have become one of those hot topics in recent years, one of those areas on the rise with different business models. These aren’t the only areas companies hope to do more of when it comes to marketing strategy. 43% strongly agree and 35% agree to some degree with the fact that the company wants to strengthen how it uses data to understand and segment consumers.

Added to this are those who believe that understanding and loyalty to existing consumers is more important than getting new users. 34% strongly believe it and 33% to some degree. The interesting thing is that this point is the one with the most discordant voices. 17% disagree somewhat and 4% strongly. Adding up, 21% do not quite believe that this is important.

What this says
In addition, as explained in Warc, this data can also be read as a kind of key to understand what marketers expect from their future work and how things should change. The interest in controlling much more how your money is spent and having more data sources implies a greater search for a combined job.

That is, marketers increasingly want the data and insights that they have and that their agencies have to flow. They do not want, for example, to be left out of what their agencies know and do. Three-quarters believe that the data should be used by everyone, both they and their agencies.

Likewise, the interest in positioning itself more as direct-to-consumer companies shows that it is expected to have more and more first-party data and create more consistent experiences for consumers, they assure from Warc.

The general line that has been marking how things are done in recent years is that you cannot create watertight compartments and that everything must flow in a clearer and more connected way in order to understand consumers better than ever.

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