Apple has made things difficult for advertisers. The latest update to its operating system means that apps cannot follow users unless they give express consent, something that is not happening and that significantly limits the access that marketers have to data.

The movement comes at a time when things in terms of privacy are already in a complex phase, since Apple’s movement is not the only one that is launched in the market and the company’s measures do not operate in a vacuum either. Privacy is becoming a rising value, as consumers are increasingly concerned about the issue and companies more willing to give them what they ask for.

Apple is one of them and, for more than possible concern of marketers, it has only started when it comes to privacy. The latest announcement from the company makes it clear that they are going to take things even further. Apple just had its traditional developer conference. It is when it usually presents innovations and next movements.

This year it has presented a series of novelties in several areas, including privacy. As noted in The Wall Street Journal , the latest change in privacy has turned into a nightmare for developers – and marketers, we add – and now new measures will be added. Apple has strengthened its movements in privacy and has announced new changes. “Privacy is more important than ever,” Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering, said in the session.

What Apple Will Do Now
What exactly will Apple do? Everything will arrive at the end of this year and will work as an extra element of what it already offers. Apple is going to offer users of its operating system tools that will allow them to control how their data is used on the network by third parties.

This will give consumers more opportunities to control their information, but also to limit what marketers can do or know. For example, one of the actions they can do now is to prevent it from being known that an email has been opened in the Apple email app.

It may seem silly, but it is not: this already eliminates a key data in email marketing. They will also offer premium iCloud users a solution that increases tracking limits. It will be called Private Relay and it will prevent IP address and web usage data from being used to track users.

A problem for the industry
These new services are in addition to those that Apple had already launched in the past in terms of privacy and become a serious blow to the digital industry. For the developers to whom the session was directed it is a drag. For marketers and advertisers it is too.

As one analyst explains to the Journal , all these actions “may severely limit how companies track and monetize users” but will possibly be “welcomed by users”, who are increasingly concerned about privacy. Apple may announce all of this at its developer conference, but its ultimate target with these measures is the end consumer.

Of course, Apple does not do all this out of the goodness of its heart, but because of what it will mean in its position in the market. In addition, the most probable thing is that their movements will be followed by others within the market.

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