The key that led to e-commerce becoming established among consumers was its convenience. Online shopping made everything easier, because you could buy when you wanted and what interested you. It was fast, comfortable and you could do it from your living room.

The only negative point was that, unlike what happens with shopping in stores, here you cannot try things and see them in a ‘tangible’ way. That is why, at first, online stores had a hard time taking off with the sale of fashion. Consumers didn’t want to buy something they couldn’t taste, until they got used to buying the products and returning them without further hesitation.

For online stores, this created a problem, with returns bottlenecks and stocks that are circulating back and forth. The future must therefore go through simplifying how to test things and how to manage these processes.

The services of online fashion stores are already playing with it. Some Prime users of Amazon Spain have begun to receive an email campaign from the company, inviting them to try “a new service: Prime Wardrobe, the first service for fashion within Prime.” In the same shipment it is explained that the service is on beta basis and that “it is only available to a small group of Prime members that we have selected” (although, it must be said, the link in which they invite you to see more in the emailing campaign at the time we write this is not working).

The service works as a kind of tester at home. Users can try items from the fashion, clothing, footwear and accessories section at home. They can choose up to 6 items and have 7 days to try them. Once tested, they can keep what they want and return what they are not interested in, using the same package and prepaid return label that already includes shipping.

Prime Wardrobe is now landing in other European countries (the Italian media have dedicated articles to it in recent weeks), although it has already operated in the United States since 2018. In Spain, shipments also began around that time to some of the Prime users who have been receiving emails to prove it.

Chosen by a personal shopper
However, even if Amazon launches a service like this it will end up becoming the meat of all the headlines, the format of ordering, trying and then buying what you want is not exactly new on the market. There are already very specialized startups that offer their users just that. In addition, the claim comes in these proposals for the fact that the consumer does not have to make any effort. The clothes are chosen by a personal shopper, who decides what the online shopper will be interested in based on size and preference data.

The reception of the package thus has some gamification: you do not know what you are going to receive and it is a kind of surprise. Lookiero is one of those bets, the one that operates in Spain, choosing clothes among 150 European brands, as they promise on their website, and working with sizes 34 to 48. One of the assets they sell on their website is: “Comfort. Stay whatever you like and return the rest for free in the returns bag. ” The user has to pay 10 euros for the work of the personal shopper, which is discounted if he keeps one of the products in the box.

These services that have already been attracting potential users with campaigns on social networks. A consumer just spotted Lookiero in an Instagram ad and tried it out for convenience. She made two purchases at one of these services and was left with a total of two items. “It did not give me the feeling that it was very personalized,” he confesses, yes. Another consumer who has also received the impact of her advertising campaigns on social networks admits that she is considering it: basically, she is interested because she does not have time to go shopping.

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