53% of those surveyed in Spain claim to use a promotion at least once a week. The pandemic and its economic effects are causing changes in the habits and preferences of Spanish consumers who increasingly value promotions and offers for the purchase of food and pharmacy, cleaning, beauty and pet care products, according to the Study on Buyers of Consumer Products produced by Valassis .

The study, carried out on more than 4,000 consumers distributed in 4 European markets – Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom – concludes that promotions can change the consumer’s buying behavior with respect to a product, brand or place of purchase.

With this research Valassis offers answers about when and where consumers use promotions, how they are impacting their shopping habits and behaviors and what are their frustrations, expectations and consequences.

Consumers who had used promotions in the last 12 months participated in the study. In addition, in order to find common ground and market specifications, Valassis breaks down the conclusions by generations (Baby Boom, X, Y and Z), specifying differences and trend signals that could generate valuable information for manufacturers and retailers.

The following conclusions of the study “offer marketers and brands the possibility of better understanding the concerns of those who use offers and promotions,” says Iván Gómez Fernández -Quintanilla, Country Manager of Valassis Spain.

Buying behavior of the Spanish consumer
The use of promotions grows in the last 12 months, and especially among
30% of consumers say they use promotions more than a year ago to buy groceries or household products compared to 7% who say they use them less. The use of promotions is even higher among millennials, in which case it has grown from 5% to 39%.

Online shopping grows in Spain, but 99% of consumers continue to buy in physical stores
Although 15% of Spanish respondents say they use the Internet as the main shopping channel for groceries and other household products, 99% of all consumers surveyed affirm that they continue to buy in physical stores. Paradoxically, this percentage rises to 100% among digital natives or young people belonging to generation Z, the so-called centennials , that is, those between 18 and 24 years of age.

Physical stores continue to be key environments in terms of consumer purchasing decision
The study carried out by Valassis concludes that physical stores continue to be key environments for Spanish consumers when deciding ” to try new products “, ” buy something new for the first time ” or ” change brand “.

Buyers are more active in looking for promotions
53% of those surveyed claim to use a promotion at least once a week. The study reveals that shoppers proactively search for deals through multiple channels, including digital search. In this sense, 28% of centennials use Internet search engines to find promotions.

Mobile is becoming more and more important
54% of the Spanish respondents would use mobile coupons more than printed coupons if they were available. This percentage grows to 66% among millennials or members of Generation Y. In addition, 53% indicate that they are more likely to buy from a distributor that accepts mobile coupon redemption.

Consumers can change stores influenced by promotions
32% of consumers admit that they have changed stores when they cannot redeem a specific promotion there.

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