In the digital marketing strategy, SEO remains one of the basic and fundamental elements. It is elementary, because consumers continue to use search engines in a massive way – and Google specifically – to find brands and products. It is essential, because its ROI is very high and it manages to significantly boost what the marketing strategy achieves.

Thus, companies must focus on their web positioning strategy and work on their SEO. For this, nothing better than having the help of experts in SEO positioning , such as Eskimoz. This company has a staff of more than 100 consultants in Europe dedicated exclusively to web positioning: the company works solely on SEO, which leads them to know very well how to work to achieve success when it comes to achieving success.

Google results. In addition, Eskimoz does not focus only on giving advice on how the SEO strategy should be done, but works on its implementation, getting its clients to put it into practice. It is “80% production and 20% advice.” In any case, the SEO strategy must start from the safe and basic pillars on which a web positioning strategy must be based.

To get started: SEO Audit
Thus, before launching to make changes or apply improvements, you have to lay the foundations. For this, it is crucial before starting work to perform an SEO analysis . You could almost say that it is like a kind of detective exam: you need to investigate what the company is doing and what results it achieves in its web positioning strategy. An SEO audit must be carried out by expert hands, who will be in charge of examining what the company itself does and what its main competitors do.

It is not only to create a list of basic keywords for the market in which it operates and see how it does it or one of the best positioned pages and how many are from the company. This is an in-depth review of everything to do with SEO. It is, in a way, the Selectivity of the corporate SEO strategy. When the process is finished, solid conclusions are reached of what are the strengths and weaknesses of the SEO of the company. Once that work is done, you have a realistic and complete vision of what state the web is in and what should be done to improve data.

To boost: Linkbuilding
Once the errors are known, it is time to fix them. It is also the time to make improvements and strive to achieve broadening the reach of the corporate website. That is where the link building strategy comes into play , which, as Eskimoz explains, is “one of the main optimization channels when implementing an SEO positioning strategy”. Building a good link building strategy does not imply trying to be linked on any website and with any excuse. The times in which what mattered were the links almost to the weight have been long gone.

Now, the links must be natural and add value. Only then will Google take them into account when positioning a site in its results. In fact, a study by Eskimoz points out the dominance of natural anchors in marketers’ strategy: they are 83% of those they use. It also seeks to appear on media sites and quality content, because these will have a more positive impact on the SEO strategy.

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