Sony will insert advertising in games for Playstation 3. It is now a reality that the universe of advertising media is being renewed and expanded at an unimaginable rate just a few years ago. In fact, now the Sony company has decided to start inserting Advertising in Videogames intended to be used with the Playstation 3 console, as is already being done in games for PC and Xbox 360.

To this end, Sony has signed a contract with IGA Worldwide to search for advertisers who are willing to insert Advertisingin certain Playstation 3 games, the most recent console that the Japanese firm has on the market.

In fact, the Electronic Arts company has already shown its interest in this type of Advertising for its sports franchises such as FIFA or Madden, and driving as Need for Speed ​​and Burnout.

This kind of Advertising is inserted into the game through billboards or posters that occasionally appear, or small non-intrusive videos. It has been used previously in other games and the principle to be applied by the company is that the Advertising does not interfere at any time with the game or represent any annoyance for the player, in an active way. The update and renewal of these Advertising inserts would be done by refreshing the game data through the Internet.

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