Do you want to take photos worthy of a professional with your mobile?

The art of photography has evolved over the years and today, with the technological development that smartphones have experienced and the boom of social networks, everyone has somehow become a kind of professional photographer or hobbyist.

Since 2010, World Photography Day has been celebrated on August 19, with the aim of encouraging the whole of society to capture the best moments and share them with the whole world to serve as inspiration. For this reason, La Casa de las Carcasas has launched these tips that help society to take the best snapshots on this day.

3 tips and accessories with which to succeed
1) Get yourself a pack of lenses to get better quality photographs: although the vast majority of mobiles have cameras with very good features, for the most demanding there are accessories that help to further improve the final result of the photographs . The most comfortable thing is to have a universal lens that unifies macro, fisheye and wide angle in one so that the camera of our mobile is even more professional.

2) Look for support for night photos in low light or group memories : the lack of light is one of the aspects that most deteriorates our night photos, so having tripods when taking night photos or in different conditions such as it can be sunrise or sunset helps to get a result.

In addition, it is one of the best tricks to get group or couple photographs if you do not want to leave your mobile or camera in the hands of a stranger. The spider-shaped mobile tripods are comfortable and flexible to use both on trips and in your day-to-day life and allow you to get a 360º shooting perspective and, for those who do not want to detach from the device at any time, the selfie sticks follow being the best choice.

3) And for TikTok videos or Instagram photos … LED rings help you become an influencer : although this gadget was born to improve the lighting of operations and medical examinations, technological advances have brought them closer to the final public and converted in must-haves from social media content creators.

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