On the occasion of the world day of social networks (RRSS) IMF Smart Education has prepared a ranking with the 10 most relevant educational influencers in RRSS, which should be followed to learn about any subject. The aim of the list is to highlight the educational and democratic value of this new way of accessing knowledge, even those that are more specific and little known.

According to the Digital 2021 report , prepared by Hootsuite and We are social , in Spain almost 43 million people use the Internet and spend a daily average of 6 hours and 11 in browsing the web. Likewise, 37 million use RRSS, which represents 80% of the population, and 98% access them through mobile devices.

In this sense, it is no longer strange that a multitude of digital profiles have proliferated in RRSS entirely dedicated to the dissemination of academic content and knowledge. The RRSS have become a learning tool that respond to the needs of the new generations of students who seek to learn using the most current tools.

The 10 educational influencers
The list of the best profiles on education compiled by the academic team of IMF Smart Education is made up of accounts from different areas of knowledge.

@doctorfision: Science, technology and curiosities
@Lawtips: Creative Law Video Maker
@vmartinp: Entrepreneur, marketer, consultant and human
@ jiriondo1 – Javier Iriondo: Writer, speaker & HNP Consultant
@boticariagarcia: Content disseminator on medicine and health
@uncafeconRRHH – Carla Lazo: Tips on human resources: how to enhance your CV and LinkedIn in an easy and fun way
@Unicoos: Mathematics, physics, chemistry and technology.
@natdesantiago: Content related to finance
@romualdfons: SEO tips to attract customers, get sales and make money.
@chemaalonso: Big Data Expert

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