Without a doubt, I prefer the work of Gonzalo Saiz and Sioux Meets Cyranos with the Bankinter campaign “ Concrete Measures” . They have managed to “humanize” and give heart to a sector so frowned upon. I have gone from crying over my account statements at the end of the month to crying every time I saw the ad on TV. And the music of Elena Iturrieta… Wow! Insuperable!

Adrián Gómez, Marketing Director of Good Game Group
I can’t be creative here: Cruzcampo’s “Con mucho accent ” campaign , recreating Lola Flores based on deepfake technology . Not just because of the outstanding application of technology with Lola, but because of the message and depth it brings with it.

I usually try to highlight less pharaonic works, since talent can often be masked in ferocious budgets, however in this case talent and budget went hand in hand at all levels. Congratulations to Ogilvy.

Íñigo Aberasturi, global marketing director of Ebro Foods

Very fan of Burger King , intelligent, irreverent, new… very good.

Fernando Nasuti-Wood, Senior Marketing Director of Lego France and Iberia

” Lego Rebuild The World” , because it is inspired by the inexhaustible imagination of children to expand the limits of their own creativity.

Priscilla Sellier, director of marketing and communication at Peugeot Motocycles Spain
I am very fond of Super Bowl ad campaigns. It is the first thing I look at when I wake up at dawn after the final, not the result of the match. And since I really like Dolly Parton and her song 9 to 5 from the eponymous film, the “5 to 9” campaign has got me excited.

It seemed very smart to use an American symbol such as she is and that speaks to all generations. Apart from selling a website creation and hosting product, it honors the work and passion that it takes to undertake.

Jorge Alonso, Marketing Director of Bonduelle Iberia
There are many and very good ones and it would be unfair to keep just one. I think there are three campaigns that are one step above the others: Bankinter for humanizing money and a bank; to Cruzcampo for how they have managed to talk about their product and their brand in a very ours way and rescuing one of our greatest cultural icons; and, finally, Estrella Damm, for anchoring its new campaign in a very current reality, giving a voice to our greatest chefs and being able to transmit in a very emotional and powerful way the importance of gastronomy in our way of life. .

Cristina Saeta, Llaollao Marketing Director
Estrella Damm has been working on the concept of Mediterráneamente for years and they are adapting their campaigns to the context that exists, but always maintaining coherence with Mediterráneamente. This year they talk about resilience and maintaining excellence despite the pandemic, hand in hand with the best chefs in Spain. It seems brilliant to me.

Pedro Serrano, Marketing Director of InfoJobs
In my work I have a point of hooliganism. That is why I like campaigns that break barriers, take risks without being vulgar, and have a disruptive point, such as Burger King Whopper Detour Campaign .

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