Tiendeo.com organized the first edition of the Digital Summit , a 100% virtual event in which different professionals from leading companies in the digital sector such as Facebook, Google, NielsenIQ, Gato Preto and Tiendeo , analyzed the digital transformation of the retail sector, the Emerging market trends and prospects for the future months.

Omnichannel “for real”
Among the experts who gathered at this Digital Summit, no one questions the role of the pandemic as an accelerator of the digitization of society and the retail sector for the benefit of a better customer experience. José María González, Retail Client Partner at Facebook sums it up as follows: “It has accelerated six years in three months at the level of digitization”.

Along the same lines, Alfredo Pérez, VP of Sales at Tiendeo, adds: “We have witnessed the exponential transformation towards digital and there will be no going back fundamentally because the consumer no longer wants it. Retail companies should not be afraid of change and must optimize their existing channels ” . Also, as we move forward, the consumer demands integrated omnichannel strategies to interact and connect in innovative ways both in the physical world and in the digital world.

“When all digital barriers are broken, the online and offline world totally merge,” observes Celia Rodriguez, Retail Intelligence Expert at NielsenIQ. “Connecting with this new consumer in an optimal way undoubtedly implies going through the mobile , being relevant and sending the right message at the right time”, says Lidia Garcia, Retail Industry Manager at Google. “You only need to look at how generation Z is interacting with brands to understand the direction that retail will follow. There is a single consumer and this is omnichannel,” adds José María.

A well thought out local strategy
Another trend that was already coming and that accelerated with the pandemic is the rise of the local concept and proximity. “Small businesses have discovered a great opportunity with digital. Consumer purchase criteria are changing and price is no longer the most relevant thing to make their decision. The eco issue is a global trend, and here the sector has a great battle with many changes to implement “, explains Alfredo Pérez, VP of Sales at Tiendeo.

For Celia Rodriguez, the emotional component is what can generate value to buy a product : “Although the issue of sustainability is a trend that will continue to grow, it is difficult for it to generate value only by itself. If it is linked to other concepts that are really relevant to the consumer and for which they are willing to pay more, can generate up to three times more interest than other products. ” Likewise, retailers that are able to respond to growing consumer awareness and enhance their brand values, especially those related to health, wellness and sustainability, will undoubtedly be ahead of their competitors.

Measuring tools
In all advertising campaigns, measurement is taking an increasingly important role in the retail sector. “In order to identify which are the most efficient channels within the online and offline channel based on the defined objectives, advertisers must carry out a complete and adequate measurement. Measurement is the only way to compare results, control ROI and determine if a campaign is working, “argues Lidia Garcia.

Frictionless, personalized experience
In the face of a consumer who is increasingly fond of “made-to-measure” products, communication must be more and more precise and pertinent in order to send a personal and unique message that allows creating a close and trusting relationship with the consumer. “The emotional bond begins from social networks, at the moment in which the consumer discovers products”, says José María. Tomorrow’s retail also goes through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the needs of its potential customers.

“I think that the evolution of advertising is being very positive. Retailers are increasingly giving more importance to data to facilitate decision-making from a business point of view and propose unique and frictionless experiences that allow connecting with consumers. These data, while following the privacy regulations, allow to increase conversions reaching more relevant customers in the long term “says Lidia Garcia. “We are still in a very turbulent moment and the trend roller coaster will not end here. Retailers must really look for solutions that add value and, above all, be able to make quick decisions ,” says Celia Rodriguez.

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