Anamaría Ríos Aguirre has a degree in Business Administration from the Javeriana University of Colombia, with a master’s degree in Market Research from the Autonomous University of Madrid, she specialized in Digital Marketing Consulting with more than 15 years of experience.

Founder of BREKO, Digital Marketing Consulting Agency for the Latin American and European market, where she has helped many companies to grow exponentially in the digital field. Since March 2020 he has been a key part of the team at La Caja Company , currently as Chief Operating Officer (COO) leading the Operations department of the entire Agency and innovating in Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Content Distribution.

Q: What do you think has been the biggest trend in content marketing this year?

Anamaría: Precisely the most important trend this year has been and will continue to be the generation of disruptive strategies within marketing WITH content, new formats, new channels, in order to achieve greater connection with brands, and a more authentic and sustainable audience in the weather.

One of the formats that has become more relevant in recent years and that will continue to be a trend in 2021 is visual content, telling stories with more interactive, visual and attractive content for audiences. The public wants stories, we want to connect with content that makes us vibrate, that turns our skin on edge, or that either leaves us with a big question or offers us a solution.

The trend this year has been to create valuable content in the midst of a sea of ​​information that will capture the public’s attention by appealing to feelings, to what really matters, to empathy.

Q: Regarding Influencer Marketing, what do you think is the most determining factor for the success of a campaign?

Anamaría: Without a doubt there are several determining factors, depending on the brand and its objectives, clearly Influencer Marketing is SUCCESSFUL if and only if there is a strategy behind it, if there is a good definition of the buyer persona, Customer journey, Content Mapping, etc. …

Many of our clients identify as the biggest problem the selection of influencers, people who really connect with their brand and are credible for their audiences, beyond an advertising transaction that we all know, so the BIGGEST challenge for a campaign to be successful will be to select influencers more in line with the campaign and generate more authentic content for the brand.

Q: Looking ahead to this last quarter to come, what marketing strategies do you think could be key to achieving a good ROI?

Taking into account that Christmas is coming. Anamaría: Some of the marketing strategies that we could implement at Christmas time would only make sense if we have been working on them for some time, today we must take into account the customer journey of our buyer, the different micro moments that he needs to get to make the decision to buy, and for this in the Christmas season everyone wants a space in the Top of Mind. I’m going to tell you one of our success stories from the agency.

Diset, the great toy manufacturer in Spain, the company is recognized by Party & Co or Srta Pepis, in addition to other more innovative games such as Dessineo or Escape Room .

DWe developed their Christmas campaign for them a long time before, which allowed us to work with our Strategy Methodology, we prepared a briefing that would be our starting point, Creativity, think in unique formats and channels to impact in the most innovative and fun way , La Producción, a 360, multi-format, multi-channel campaign, activating everything necessary for the Christmas campaign to be a success wherever they saw it and La Measurement, which was undoubtedly the one that has allowed us to learn.

We were able to provide Diset with tools adapted to each channel to measure KPIs at all times and see the behavior of the campaign. Total success in the campaign more than 140 million impressions, and more than 380,000 clicks towards the main retailers where the brand has a presence, such as El Corte Inglés, Juguettos, Toy Planet or Amazon. The shares of all the products successfully reached the objectives set initially and exceeded the average values ​​and standards of the market by 386%.

Q: How do you see content marketing in 2 years? What trends and strategies do you think predominate?

Anamaría: I see a Marketing with content with a Own Voice, more authentic content, with personality. We always talk about the identity of the brand, but now it is the content that must support the message and help it reach the audiences.

I also see a very Activist approach, increasingly vindictive, brands are increasingly participating in social activism, since 2020 we are seeing how brands no longer maintain a neutral position in front of certain conversations on social networks, and this situation came to to stay.

Brands also have an impact on networks as they position themselves, and this trend is causing many to seek an activist voice, a message that champions a cause and with which their audiences feel identified as well.

Q: Based on your experience in the commercial area, what aspects do you consider to be decisive to make the client decide to stay working with a marketing agency?

Being this so competitive. Anamaría: It will definitely be the implication, all the agencies say they have it, but few can afford the luxury of working side by side, feeling like one more worker in the company and most importantly feeling part of its growth. A client decides to work with the Caja Company because of our work methodology, because of the involvement we have to achieve the objectives and continue to grow together.

Q: How has your professional experience been within a content agency in Spain like La Caja Company?

Anamaría: I started very young in Marketing and then I was training in Digital when it was just beginning to be a professional line, I have worked for several companies in Colombia and Spain, until finally I started to create my own Digital Marketing agency, a long time ago.

About 8 years, between going back and forth I decided to return to Spain and they called me from the Caja Company, and it has been a real pleasure, one of the things that caught my attention was that I could continue working remotely from anywhere in the world, a A trip in which for me there was no return and besides that I found to my surprise an incredible team, an efficient and well-designed work methodology, technology available to the entire team and clients, a management team with a lot of time to experience compatible with my vision of marketing,From there it has been a great journey, of knowledge, growth and best of all, projects that have marked a before and after.

Q: According to your perspective as Chief Operating Officer, what must a marketing agency have to achieve effectiveness both in its campaigns and in its internal processes?

Anamaría: It seems obvious but it is not. “Discipline” is very important to have a work methodology and established processes that are actually followed and executed, campaigns are the wheel that cannot stop turning and for them to be a success Someone has to push it, and generally we are people with a certain layer of technology that makes everything work, and there is the magic, “Knowing how to do” something that from the Caja Company we fully understand and that is how we transfer it to our projects.

Q: Regarding projects and clients, what challenges would you like to face together with the La Caja Company team for the last quarter of 2021?

Anamaría: I would like to face Branded Content projects with the team, marketing has always been my passion, a passion with awareness, with value and that actually has a positive impact on those we impact. Just our CEO José Gabriel, has been a jury for the Inspirational awards, in the Branded Content category and of course it has been very motivating, challenging and as its name indicates Inspiracional, it is definitely one of the categories where we want to be.

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