In addition to organic shopping, in 2022 the use of EAT content will be consolidated to optimize the positioning of websites. Core Web Vitals quality indicators are key to delivering a great user experience. SEO is a key channel in digital marketing to obtain results and make investment more efficient. In this sense, Making Science wanted to share what its team of experts considers the keys to growing organic in 2022 and that brands and customers should take into account when defining their SEO strategies next year.

Organic shopping or how to take advantage of Google’s new organic formats . Due to the momentum of e-commerce in recent years, smaller merchants are finding a way to participate with their products in online sales.

In this sense, organic shopping will be very useful for them in 2022, thanks to the free product sheets offered by Google. Through these tabs, users can view their products on different Google platforms such as the Shopping tab, Google Images, Google Maps or Google Lens.

Importance of SEO in Marketplaces
The Marketplaces model has increased exponentially in the last year and numerous brands, especially those with a Direct-to-Consumer model, have opened their eCommerce to different marketplaces.

In this sense, SEO positioning strategies on these platforms are increasingly important for brands, since they become a channel with the highest conversion. In this context, Amazon is the big player where the user has a specific way of searching and that directly impacts optimization strategies.

The quality of the content has never been so relevant before
Measuring the quality of Google search results is one of the main functions of any digital marketer. In 2022, the use of EAT content (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, in English) will be strengthened to optimize the positioning of websites. In this sense, the quality of the content will be evaluated, even more, based on its veracity and usefulness for the user, as well as the degree of reliability through the SSL certificate on its site, especially relevant for electronic commerce websites.

Evolution from BERT to MUM .
Some years ago Google introduced BERT, an algorithm that transformed the language we use on the internet with a more humanized approach. Now this algorithm evolves towards the Multitask Unified Model (MUM), which, through artificial intelligence, aims to further improve the search experience. The MUM learns from sources that are written in a different language than the one in which the search was made and offers the answer in the language of the search itself, being able to understand different formats such as images, websites or even videos.

In this sense, the intention of the search will be increasingly decisive for the search engine when deciding what type of results to return from a search. The user experience and quality indicators of Core Web Vitals . If user experience has been a trend for several years, the arrival of Google’s Core Web Vitals in 2021 will continue to be a decisive factor in 2022.

The user experience on the page will continue to be decisive next year and brands must continue working in improving these indicators. SEO positioning is decisive in any digital marketing strategy, since it is a fundamental channel for attracting users through which to get potential consumers and loyal customers. That is why many companies use SEO strategies as an important pillar within their website as a key step within the conversion funnel.

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