Summer has only just begun and the networks are already full of photos on the beach or pool, ice cream and flip flops. In fact, the hashtag # verano2021 already exceeds 1.1 million posts on Instagram alone.

However, the summer season is also accompanied by the great challenge of families to combine the free time of the little ones with the working day. Something that is not always an easy task, as shown by an InfoJobs survey, which reveals that only 1 in 3 families consider that they can reconcile their work and family life in the summer . And, as during the pandemic, some parents turn to tablets and screens to help fill the void.

After a very digital school year, this summer was presented as the perfect excuse to enjoy outdoor activities and escape from the screens, but it is not like that. According to an analysis carried out by Qustodio , a leading platform in online security and digital well-being for families, on the use of applications in Spanish minors between 4 and 18 years of age during the first two weeks of July , it has been observed that the time of use has increased 20% at this time compared to May of the same year.

The fastest growing apps are …
In this report it is observed that the applications of social networks and video are the ones that have grown the most. Instagram is the most used application this summer, since children spend 35% more time on it than in spring , with an average of 108 minutes a day . Instagram is followed by WhatsApp, Tiktok, YouTube, Spotify, Clash Royale, Netflix, Discord , SnapChat, and Twitch.

The time children spend on their other favorite social network, TikTok , has increased by 19%, reaching an average of 100 minutes a day.

Video platforms have also seen great growth, as YouTube time has increased by 28%, averaging 68 minutes a day, and Netflix is close behind with 25% more, standing at 50 minutes a day. Although YouTube Kids is not within the Top10, it is significant to highlight its growth, 34% more time of use this summer compared to May 2021, going from 72 minutes a day to 97.

On the contrary, video games were the ones that have grown the least, since the time in Clash Royale has risen by 10%, but in the case of Brawl Stars it has dropped by 8%. On average, the time connected to these apps is around 33 minutes a day, the same as in spring.

The last place in the ranking is held by Twitch with an average of 34 minutes a day in July compared to 33 minutes last May.

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