Instagram is the king of social media. There is still no doubt about this statement since it is today the one chosen by more than 1.2 billion users, the one that generates the most engagement and the one preferred by influencers, brands and users. 90% of users follow a brand on Instagram and buyable posts can increase brand traffic by more than 2,600%.

But what content are the most popular when it comes to brands? SamyRoad, an agency specialized in influencer marketing, analyzes the six types of content that generate the most impact for brands.

Content generated by Instagram users
Brands can and should take advantage of content generated by users and customers. It is a real, honest content and shows the spontaneous acceptance of your product by the consumer. It can appear in the form of unboxing announcing the shipment of a new product, tutorials showing the usefulness of the product …

Scenes behind the scenes
The “behind-the-scenes” is always a good way to show how it works and to show things never seen before by the user. The videos that lead the user to discover what is behind the camera always generate a great impact and interest no matter what is being talked about. An example of this is the fashion shooting.

Teaser of a product
Teaser content is a classic that creates expectation by generating previous content to present a product. It increases engagement, provokes users to want and try to find out what it is about, especially if the content is dripping, that is, gradually discovering the cake. The countdown of Instagram stories is one of the most used methods to generate that uncertainty.

Real-time trends
Generating content following trends in real time is a must on social networks. It is essential to have a good social listening strategy to know what is happening and always take into account the challenges and types of popular content at all times so that the brand can be part of it.

Post on carousel
Informational and curiosity data, tips or lists are increasingly popular. Users like to be informed quickly and these types of information pills generate interest and curiosity. It is a very popular style of branded content.

Although Twitter is the main social network for this humorous content, many are already those who are encouraged by the meme format on Instagram. Corporate memes are becoming more and more popular, but knowing how to use them correctly is important.

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