In the digital marketing strategy, videos are one of the tools that have grown most notably. They have done it as elements to position advertising, as shown by the entire boom in advertising investment in this channel, but also as a space to serve their own content. Videos have been integrated as one more tool of content marketing, especially in times of the crisis caused by the pandemic, when certain activities had to be suppressed.

The video strategy should not be limited to short content. Because it’s a video, it doesn’t have to be a TikTok video. Brands can play with durations and content formats. In fact, full-length videos have their niche and their channels and topics in which they perform especially well. But what should be taken into account when creating this content? The tips in a Conviva study on long form videos for Instagram work as a resource guide for how to make long-form videos and make that content stick. These are the levers that will make the consumer see this content.

Not all content is valid for all formats
Or what is the same: just as television series and movies have different extensions, the same should apply to the content that is uploaded to the network and created by brands. It all depends on the channel to which the content is uploaded and the content itself. Some themes – and some content constructs – do not have the same appeal and are not able to grab the viewer’s attention for long. Nor should you run the risk that the video is too short. You have to work to fit what is going to be shown.

The beginning has to be strong
It is a lesson that is routinely given in fiction. The boot must be attractive enough and have enough punch so that the content captures the attention of the viewers. In this beginning, it must be made clear to him what awaits him and also the reasons why he must continue to watch. In some types of content, they explain in the analysis, doing a kind of “preview” manages to capture the audience.

Hear what the viewers themselves say
Or what is the same: you have to always be attentive to the data generated by the analytics tools of the video platforms. If in other areas of digital marketing analytics is crucial, why should it not also be in the creation of videos? The statistics provided by the analytics tools help to understand what succeeds and what fails and the content consumption patterns of viewers.

All videos should have subtitle options
It is not just a question of accessibility, although it should already be. More and more people watch videos without sound and with subtitles, but also more with subtitles set by default even when listening to the audio, to improve understanding. In all cases, offering this option is crucial.

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