If you are an HBO subscriber, here are all the premieres that arrive this third week of December on the platform, so you don’t miss anything. When it comes to movies, HBO has a good list of releases for this week. Special titles for the holidays and for all tastes: action, comedy and romance.

As for the series, HBO is reserving new titles for early next year. This month the most striking title is Euphoria: Striped are not eternal , a content bridge between the first and second seasons of this series, which has received such good reviews.

You can also watch Adult material, released last week. The series is about a porn star who needs to balance motherhood, her professional career and the lack of work due to the intrusion of free internet porn. A satire to address new technologies and current society.

If you are looking for comedies to spend a good winter afternoon at home, this week El Gran Hotel Budapest comes to HBO with a luxury cast. Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray or Jud Law are some of the many actors who worked in this film of humor and mystery. Also to pass the time you can find other titles like What to expect when you are waiting.

For those of you who like science and history alike, The Theory of Everything tells the life of one of the geniuses of our time, Steven Hawking . The film covers from his illness, academic achievements that made him one of the most important characters of the last decades and his relationship with his wife Jane Wilde.

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