Children’s parties are never complete without a bounce house. The bounce house keeps them busy and gives them space to release their energy. But knowing which the best one is for your kids’ event is not as easy as many think. There are many factors to consider to ensure these inflatables are safe for your kids and allow them to have fun. Below are some of the factors to consider;

1.    Choose the Suitable Type

There are different bounce houses, and choosing the right one will ensure that your children have as much fun as possible. There are obstacle courses, dry and wet slides, and multi-story bounce houses. For example, toddlers would prefer a toddler bounce house with slide.  As bounce houses are usually used outdoors, it is essential to decide if you will go with a sunroof or not.

2.    Age of Attendees

The age of the children attending the party determines the type and size of the bounce house. Age also helps one to determine the average weight of attendees. Weight is an essential consideration as it will help you choose the bounce house that fits the children. If you rent a large bounce house, the children will not have as much fun, and if it is too small, it may burst and hurt the children.

Age also determines which bounce house to pick. Older children will have more fun with obstacle courses as they will relate to them better. Younger children and toddlers will enjoy a bounce house with slides. When renting a toddler bounce house with slides, you should consider the height of the slide. If it is too tall, it may scare the toddlers.

3.    Available Space for the Bounce House

A bounce house is usually set up outside as it requires enough space to avoid accidents. When choosing a bounce house, you need to have enough space away from buildings and trees to place it. You also require to leave space for a generator to inflate the bounce house if needed. You also need to have space to tether the bounce house.

Small bounce houses can be used indoors in a large room, but you will need to connect them to a power source to power the blower. You should avoid using a generator indoors as the carbon monoxide released is dangerous.

4.    Budget

Apart from the cost of renting a bouncing house, there are other things to put into consideration. You need to budget for the food, entertainment and also for the other guests. With this in mind, you might have very little remaining for the bounce house. When researching the best bounce house for your kids, you will need to rent one you can afford.


Bounce houses are an easy means to get your kids outside and active. This will allow you to do other things without worrying about where they are and what they are doing. Choosing the right bounce house is the key to great children’s parties.

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