To the already long list of objects and animals in 3D that we can find on our mobiles with Google AR Core, new animals are now added with which to set up a zoo inside the house.

The Christmas holidays are approaching, although this year they are somewhat peculiar, both children and adults will be able to spend time at home enjoying their gifts and family. It’s the perfect time for Google to announce a new batch of 3D animals to have a good time with.

This year, this augmented reality tool from Google has given us many moments of entertainment so as not to succumb to boredom, locked at home. Among the many animals that could already be found is a goat, an octopus, a horse, an eagle or a hedgehog , among many others.

Animals such as a pig, a giraffe, a red panda, even a giant cat with the face of few friends are now added to this extensive list . The fun thing about this application, as Google shows us in this video, is to record the animals in strange environments and then share those videos, for example, the pig sniffing in your fridge.

As with other objects and animals, to be able to set up your own zoo at home you first need a mobile compatible with ARCore or Google’s augmented reality . Once that compatibility has been verified, it is enough to search for the animal or object by its keyword in the Google search engine. In the case of the giraffe, it is necessary to put Girrafe in English to find it among the other suggestions.

This function allows you to zoom, rotate the animal and record video with the corresponding sound that accompanies the animal. In addition to these spices, it is also possible to find dinosaurs, microorganisms , planets and many other objects such as some of the ships that NASA used to reach the Moon for the first time.

Here you can find a list of the majority of 3D objects that Google offers with this augmented reality function. It is a very useful educational tool , in addition to showing the object or living being in three dimensions and being able to interact a little with it, they also offer information about each object to enrich our scientific knowledge.

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