Most of the UK has been stuck on our little island for 18 months now, eager as ever to hop on a plane and feel the warm summer breeze on our backs, leaving the stresses of work and everyday life on the runway.

If a staycation isn’t for you, why not look to unwind somewhere without having to step foot out the door or break the bank? It can be hard to feel like home is that relaxing haven you require at the moment, but here we take a look at the best tips to help transform your home into the tranquil holiday retreat you deserve.

Bring the holiday to you

Summer holidays are an important part of our mental health, and even though plans may have been cancelled or put on hold, it’s still important to take time off work to rest and reset your mind. A quarter of workers in Britain do not take all their allowed holiday time, so with that in mind, why not give yourself a reason to book some time off and bring the destination home? You won’t have the hassle of getting to the airport or dealing with jetlag but will still get to experience your favourite parts of your holiday. You could make your own paella and drink sangria in the garden and apartment for rent in Tempe  or dust off your sombrero and dance to some Mariachi music! You will have had a break without even opening the front door.

Escape with a book

What better way to transport yourself than adventuring through a good book and let the writing whisk you away to faraway lands? A great way to shut off from the world could be to create a comfy space inside your home with a nice chair, blankets, and your favourite mug, and just let yourself drift away. Even better, you could create an outdoor space – maybe even hang a hammock in your garden.

Bring the spa to you

If you are feeling tired and worn out, an at-home spa day is just what you need to rejuvenate with some well-deserved self-care. Take the time for any personal maintenance to feel like your best self again, from face masks to painting your nails. You could even invest in some essential oils in scents that you love – aromatherapy just adds that extra touch and leaves your home smelling great!

Go al fresco!

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen – but what if the kitchen was already outside? Why not spice up your evenings and cook more than just a BBQ outside? Try using a wood-fired pizza oven and having a create-your-own-pizza night or use the BBQ to try something new like fish tacos or halloumi burgers. You’ll get holiday vibes and a delicious meal all in one!

Let’s go to the movies!

Watching a film is always great way to bring everyone together, and there’s no way better than to watch one on a big screen outside. You needn’t spend big with a screen and buying a projector – you could always hang a sheet over the washing line and rent a projector! For the best results, you should place your ‘screen’ in a shaded area so that you can see clearly. Grab some blankets and popcorn and you’re good to go!

You may not be jetting off on holiday just yet, but you will certainly feel relaxed after taking some time for yourself! This adventure around the home might be just the thing you need to relax and destress – maybe even make it a regular thing! Like any great holiday, you will certainly create some great memories to look back on.


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