Leitner system

Decades ago, the psychologist Leiner structured a very useful and fun system for memorizing data.

There are many people who have trouble memorizing information. We know that practice is usually the best way to remember things, but when we are faced with names, dates or very specific data, we have no other choice than to exercise our memory so that they stay in our heads. In that area the name of Sebastian Leitner is key.

Leitner was a German psychologist who in the 50s developed a memorization technique that is still respected today , according to The Information , and is used especially when it comes to approaching the learning of new languages ​​due to its effectiveness in assimilating words.

But how does this system work? It is very easy and dynamic, since it is based on the relationship between questions, whether written or drawn, and the possible answers . As if it were a board game.

The Leitner system mechanism uses cards with questions on one side and answers on the other . Trivial Pursuit will surely come to mind, but this popular board game emerged long after Leitner’s theories became popular. Although it is thought that it was partly based on him.

But to follow it, it is not enough to have the cards in disorder, but you have to write a multitude of them and order them in 4 levels of difficulty . Until you get through a level, you should not go to the next. In order to improve memorization, it is advisable to continually review them daily on the dates prior to the exam .

As you can see, it is not only an easy way to learn data, it is also very dynamic and it is possible to do it with other people . Although it is not useful for large texts, it is very useful with formulas, names, dates and appointments that are sometimes mandatory to have in the head.

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