As soon as the big question has been asked, potential wedding plans begin to whiz through your head. Some of us have our hearts set on that dream location or a dress style that we’ve been longing after for years. For others, however, it can feel like there’s a whole world of possibilities and about a million choices to make. 

When your wedding planning gets underway, you and your partner need to prioritise the big decisions. One of the first things you should think about is the theme for your wedding. Of course, there’s always the option of keeping it traditional with a classic white wedding. However, there are also plenty of other tempting possibilities! As well as being beautiful and romantic, it’s important that your wedding day is fun, and reflects you and your partner’s personalities. 

So, why not take inspiration from your favourite film or TV show? Perhaps one that you and your partner share a passion for or have bonded over? Here in the UK, TV and film-themed weddings are super popular, and happy couples are researching different themes en masse. 

Using Google search data gathered by Angelic Diamonds for its new wedding planning portal, Wedflix, let’s find out which themes are the most popular in the UK and how you can recreate them. 

6th place: Peaky Blinders

The 6th most popular themed wedding idea in the UK is Netflix’s brooding Brummie series, Peaky Blinders. With an average of 690 searches per month in 2020, it’s clear that there are some loved-up Peaky Blinders fans out there. If you and your partner are dreaming of a wedding day dripping with antique elegance and want to dedicate your day to this gritty gangster drama, then we’ve got plenty of tips. To perfectly execute this glamourous theme, you’ll need a stunning 1920s style flapper dress, an antique-style Peaker Blinders bar, and a generous supply of Peaky Blinders Irish whiskey

5th place: Friends 

While some of us dream of a magical wedding from a time gone by or in a fictional land, others have our hearts set on NYC. The popularity of this beloved TV show is undeniable, and Friends-themed weddings received an average of 890 searches per month in 2020. Friends captured hearts around the world, and its heart-wrenching series finale remains one of the most-watched finales ever, with 52.5 million viewers.

At its peak, Friends was reportedly receiving an average of 23 million viewers per episode. So, it’s no surprise that it’s still an incredibly popular wedding theme today. If you and your partner are Friends superfans, you’ll want to throw a wedding to rival Monica and Chandler’s or Phoebe and Mike’s. Be sure to remember the essentials: A  Friends replica sofa, a classic Friends picture frame for your wedding photo, and a Friends-inspired table plan

4th place: The Twilight Saga

For a wedding theme that truly sparkles, why not consider the Twilight Saga? This theme came in at number four according to the Wedflix data, receiving an average of 890 searches per month in 2020. For couples looking for a slightly dark and mysterious vibe, a romantic, vampire-themed wedding is perfect. There are plenty of ways to perfectly recreate this theme. Get shopping for a stunning Bella Swan-inspired wedding dress, a selection of cute Twilight-themed signs, and some beautiful book confetti

3rd place: Beauty and the Beast

In 3rd place, and one for all of the romance-loving Disney fans out there, we have Beauty and the Beast. This theme gathered an average of 1,100 searches per month in 2020. As well as being a childhood favourite in its 1991 cartoon form, Beauty and the Beast re-entered our lives in 2017 in the form of a live-action remake starring Emma Watson. Whichever of these versions has inspired you, this wedding theme is sure to make your special day truly romantic. If you’re not set on the traditional white wedding dress, why not take a leaf out of Belle’s book and walk down the aisle in a glowing golden gown? Don’t forget to incorporate the enchanted rose and a stunning antique carriage clock into your wedding day either. 

2nd place: Harry Potter

Couples across the UK are paying homage to their favourite wizarding franchise. With an average monthly search of 1,480 in 2020, Harry Potter-themed weddings have proved to be the second most popular. After all, who doesn’t want their special day to be utterly magical?

Many couples who are currently preparing to tie the knot grew up with the wizarding world, and the series of books and films are beloved by many. If you and your partner are serious Potter-heads, then why not celebrate your love while incorporating some fun and quirky elements of the magical world? If this is the theme for you, get planning! You’ll need plenty of chocolate golden snitches for the guests, Harry Potter wands, Hogwarts robes – the lot!

1st place: Cinderella

Everyone dreams of turning into a princess with the wave of a wand, and there’s no better opportunity for a magical transformation than your wedding day! That’s why it’s no big surprise that a Disney Princess-themed wedding has topped the charts in the UK.

With an average of 2,640 monthly searches in 2020, Cinderella has proved to be our number one favourite theme to recreate. It makes sense – this theme really does have it all!

To recreate this theme, you’ll need the horse-drawn, pumpkin-shaped carriage, the perfect princess gown in a dainty shade of light blue, and of course, the iconic glass slipper. Whether your inspiration comes from the classic cartoon of the 1950s or the 2015 live-action remake starring Lily James, planning a Cinderella-themed wedding is a great way to add a dash of bibbidi-bobbidi-boo to your big day.   

Whichever theme most captures the love that you and your partner share, embrace it! Your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and celebrate your favourite show or movie in style. 


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