Come clean, do you remove your makeup or your hard day off your face before bed? If not, you should. There is nothing worse than waking up with a zit the size of Saturn on your face on the big day you need to present whether that is via zoom these days or preparing for your huge comeback look since your release from lockdown. 

 We all have the days when we simply cannot be tasked to do anything but slump in bed, which is self care in itself. 

“The need to stop, rest and recuperate goes a long way for your wellbeing and skin care.”

You almost want to crawl back to bed at the thought. 

On the days you need a pick me up, here are a few tips that’ll transform your skin from blah to ooo so smooth! 

  1. Give your face a steam massage  –  If your skin tends to be dry, a humidifier at bedtime can help to keep you hydrated, this is most important during the colder seasons but provides the perfect radiant for that summer glow. Using circular motions with your fingers, but also tapping in rotating motions – starting on the forehead, then the cheekbones, cheeks, and working down to the jawbone.  
  1. Product Application – Have you noticed how products are always applied in upward motion? Over time, gravity and life itself thinks it is ok to pull it down, making your skin sag. A beneficial hack is a daily invigorating workout that provides high intensity with non-invasive effects. Former Beauty columnist Inge Theron revolutionised the concept of “The World’s First Gym For The Face” which helps men and women combat the war with ageing. 
  1. SPF It Out – All year and every year, 365 days and not the one including the hot mafia. Here’s the thing, your complexion is not alone in attributes to protect, forgotten spots like your hands and neck are huge giveaways, don’t forget to include them. If you hear it, once you will hear it again, sunscreen is EVERYTHING! The one item that never goes out of trend. 
  1. Gold Standard – When your skin needs a little TLC, it’s time for a serum. Nothing beats an ampoule of goodness. Ampoules are a supercharged serum that have a higher concentration of active ingredients. The perfect formulae to add to your youthful appearance. 
  1. Collagen Me Crazy! (You Love it!) – Achieving a youthful looking complexion is the aim, skin can start to lose elasticity as early as  in your 20’s, (that’s right, the clock ticks in our prime, que the boos’!) With the help of collagen peptides, it can help smooth your skin’s texture. Reversing the tides to its original golden girl. Collagen has been proven (scientifically and all) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is hope. 
  1. Bottom Line – Get to know your skin! It is important to understand your skin type as this shapes the way that you combat your ritualistic beauty regime. After you figure out the right ingredients to your skin, choose a texture that suits your skin range and your sensibility. This is not a cookbook recipe, towards younger skin, it should constantly evolve depending on what your skin needs. 

Admittedly embracing the skin you are in is a practice that we all must learn to follow. An ideal that can often fall between the gaps, however, we don’t need to be alone to master the process of skin care. No Matter how what products or how many different products you use, the general consensus is to apply the most water based products first and the thickest and richest last. 

Hack away beautiful. 

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