Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that our body needs when it comes to winter. The best thing about vitamin D in our products is when we come into contact with direct sunlight. However, there won’t be much sunlight when it comes to those colder months. Here is why Vitamin D is so important for keeping our body’s healthy.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because, as stated earlier, our body produces this vitamin when we come in contact to direct sunlight. There are many important functions when it comes to vitamin D such as managing the absorption of calcium as well as phosphorus. It is important for normal growth. Such as the development of both your bones and your teeth.

How Vitamin D Can Keep Us Healthy

Like most vitamins, vitamin D helps fight some diseases. It can help reduce the chances of both the flu and heart disease. Other studies have found that Vitamin D can help fight depression. You might have noticed with yourself or with other people that you tend to be moodier in the colder months. This could be down to a lack of vitamin D.

Researchers have found that people who suffer from depression had an improvement in their symptoms once they were taking vitamin D supplements. This is not to say that will work with everyone and vitamin D supplements could be a cure to your depression. There is a mental health crisis with young people at the moment. However, that does not mean that is down to a vitamin D deficiency. Many other factors could play a huge role in this. According to a study by health experts, Vitamin D suppresses your appetite meaning that it can help with weight loss.

There are many health benefits with Vitamin D. Although do not expect vitamin D supplements to improve your physical and mental health. One thing that you should make sure of first is whether or not your doctor recommends it. If you suffer from any of the health issues above then you should see a doctor first. The reason for this is because it might be down to another factor other than being deficient in Vitamin D.

Factors That Can Play A Part In You Being Vitamin D Deficient

Many factors could make ou being vitamin D deficient. Some of these are: In an area with high pollution, using suncream, spending a lot of time indoors, living in large cities with tall buildings and having darker skin. If you work in a factory or an office. You will be susceptible to being vitamin D deficient. We must spend time outside on our breaks and lunches to get the required vitamin D that we need.

There are many symptoms of Vitamin D such as tiredness, aches and pains, not feeling well, bone or muscle pain or even stress fractures. Again, if you have any of these symptoms then make sure to go and consult a doctor. They will be able to perform a blood test to see if you are deficient in Vitamin D. If you are then they will recommend that you take vitamin D tablets to improve your symptoms.

Other Sources of Vitamin D

There are plenty of foods out there that contain vitamin D. However, if you have a vegan diet then you will struggle to get your daily requirement. Some foods that contain vitamin D are salmon, sardines, egg yolk, shrimp, milk, cereal, yoghurt and orange juice. Make sure that your milk, cereal, yoghurt and orange are all fortified. If you struggle to have any of these foods and, you are not usually in sunlight. You will probably need to start taking vitamin D supplements.

How Much Vitamin D Do We Need?

The daily requirement of vitamin D all depends on your age. For children and teenagers, the institute of food and agricultural sciences recommends 600 International Units. For adults over the age of 70, it is suggested that they have 800 IU. Adults up to the age of 70 should have 600 IU. Finally, if you are a pregnant woman or you breastfeed then you should have 600 IU. Depending on your blood serum levels as well.

To Conclude

There are many positives for vitamin D and, it is evident why it is so important for our health. If you suffer from any of the health issues that have been mentioned in this article then, consult your doctor. There could be another issue as to why you suffer from those issues. They might not be down to being vitamin D deficient. At the end of the day, we all need different vitamins for our lifestyle

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