The Italian singer, songwriter and producer Andrea Pimpini has released his new EP. “Quando Cammini Per Strada” (Level Music / Warner Music Group).

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The EP. is available everywhere now and includes five new songs characterized by a strong pop-rock charge, by the unmistakable voice of Andrea Pimpini and by the simple but at the same time deep lyrics.

I think that QUANDO CAMMINI PER STRADA is my best album ever – Said Andrea – I hope people appreciate it. I worked hard on it trying to bring a better product than my previous songs”

Quando Cammini Per Strada – Tracklist: “Quando Cammini Per Strada”, “Un Sogno Non Svanisce”, “Amore Ciao”, “Scusa”, “Un Lungo Viaggio”.

To kick off 2021, Andrea Pimpini will perform with a live streaming show during which he will sing unreleased songs and covers

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Andrea Pimpini is a singer, songwriter and producer from Pescara (Italy). He debuted in 2017 when he performed in front of thousands of people at the International Romics Festival.

In 2018, he released his first single “Maledetta Realtà” which premiered at the Castle Fondi Music Festival and at the Romics Festival.

In December of the same year, Andrea released “Neve Bianca”, a Christmas song premiered on Radio RID96.8. The song was received with great enthusiasm by the public and was promoted by Zoomagazine, Lifestyle Blog and Greater Fool Media.

In 2019, Andrea published “Lacrima”, his first album.

Thanks to the #iosuonodacasa initiative and the success of the album, Andrea Pimpini’s live streams were shared on the most important Italian newspapers: Radio RAI 2, Sky TG24, Optimagazine, and All Music Italia

On 30 October 2020 Andrea published the new album “Quando Cammini Per Strada”




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