It sounds really great and you may say this just after having listened to a piece of news bit or music on the headphone. This amazing invention’s use can be noted from your home to a shopping center, in the car, or on an Airplane. Wherever you go you will find this gadget being used in education, at the workplace, and for gaming purposes.  With technological advancement and computers, laptops, Pads, and much more, it can be said “we live in an amazing world today” and headphones have become an essential part without which it is hard to survive. And the headphones can be divided further into headphones and Ear buds. So which one is right for you from the headphones and Ear buds available. It all depends on the purpose of use. We will try to check out a few of the best headphones or ear buds, you can use in daily life.

Types of Headphones and Ear Buds

  • Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Ear buds (In-ear)
  • Circumaural
  • Supra-aural
  • Noise-cancelling
  • Bone conduction
  • Closed-back
  • Open-back
  • Semi-open
  • Waterproof
  • DJ

Types of headphones

 Over-Ear Headphones        

Over-ear headphones are called “Circumaural headphones.” These are the biggest headphones with two sort of cups which come and fit over your ears.


Their advantage is their comfortability and sound quality which is very crisp due to their size, the engineering has taken care of that. Noise isolation is fantastic as the ear is fully covered like sitting in a closed room.

But you can find good deals

But if you still want the Over Ear Head phones or are required for official purposes, cheaper ones can be found with special deals as an advantage with the best voucher codes.


The disadvantage is the portability because of their big size and because of the higher technology used they are costlier.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones also known as Supra-aural headphones. The term also can be implicated as being on top of the ears.

  • Advantages are portability as easy to carry whether you are traveling or using in the office or at home.
  • The style is compact size, flexible when it comes to design and style. More suitable for many more activities as are less bulky and lighter.
    They are safer to use outdoor because they don’t block all noises. Surely seems like the best headphones, you can use on daily basis.
Take the Advantage

These are not so high priced and with good deals like the best coupon codes, you can take further advantage. People commuting long distances and those who want to avoid bulky ones will find these headphones very useful.

  • They are especially not comfortable when they are to be used for long periods
  • They are not soundproof and this is quite disturbing for most of the time and people. Noise isolation cannot be maintained.

Closed-back headphones

One of the best headphones today in use and easily available. The outer part of the speakers is hard. The design was such that the sound from the speakers travels in a single direction to the ears.

  • Good as far as the noise isolation is concerned because of the outer hard cup shells.
  • The soundproof is good, no sound leakage and that is the main purpose of its making.
  • The bass sound is classic as the headphone covers themselves seem to pump back as the air is compressed.

The ears get wet due to the close stickiness of the ear cup to the ear. No room for air to escape makes the ear wet.

 Open-back Headphones

They are quite opposite of the closed-back headphones and their design is very different. And this make difference in the performance as well.

As the ear cups of these allow more airflow, this affects the sound and it can flow to and fro.

  • The sound quality is good as it does not restrict the audibility, thus the better sound can be heard.
  • The ear breathability is better in terms of it does not wet the ears due to ventilation.
  • Yes due to sound leakage unlike the closed-back headphones, this is a concern.
  • Again noise isolation is not completely stoppable due to their design. Although good with natural ambiance but not suitable where there is background noise.

Bone Conduction Headphones

They are named as such as they make use of some bones as conductors to ensure the flow of sound vibrations.

In precise terms, they directly stimulate the jaw and cheekbones on the creation of sound waves.

  • Surrounding noises can be heard, so you remain aware.
  • Comfortable as far as fitting onto the ear is concerned.  This makes it easier for you to use it longer. You can hear lectures or other interesting stuff.
  • The hearing aid role they perform is unique to this type of design and styled headphone.
  • The sound quality cannot be maintained due to its design. It produces vibration, thus affecting the true quality of sound that you expect.
  • It is not cheap as bone conduction technology is still under scrutiny and change.
  • So clearly not the best headphones to choose from the variety that exists.

Types of Ear Buds

Ear Buds or Earphones

They are designed to fit inside the ears and are placed outside the ear canal. These ear-bud-style phones are designed to sit in and not go deep as the in-ear buds.


Comfortability is not an issue, they are light so it is good. The second advantage is that they are cheaper compared to their other counterparts.


Noise isolation cannot be guaranteed because of their fitting to the ear style. As they sit outside the ear canal, a fitting problem clearly exists.

 In-Ear Monitors

They are designed in such a style that they sit a few millimeters deeper into your ear canal. The ear buds are changeable thus the advantage of customizing them is available. And this makes them a more popular choice to use. Memory foam tips are being used as material and they provide good comfort and fit into the ear according to the user’s ear shape.

  • The ear buds come with two or three silicone tips, which is the biggest advantage of their purchase. Due to the different sizes of these tips, they fit in almost any type of ear.
  • Noise isolation is an advantage as they sit inside the ear.
  • Sound Quality is also maintained as the ear buds help the sound flow directly to the eardrums.
  • Comfortability remains an issue though they fit because they sit deep inside a sensitive part, it creates a sense of comfortlessness.
  • Safety in their use is also an issue as they bring the sound closer which could damage ears if used on a high volume or pitch.
  • Hygiene cannot be guaranteed as these ear buds bring dirt along and may infect your ears.

So what’s the take?

Definitely, the right choice of the best headphones and Ear buds depends on your use. Good Quality definitely saves you time, may be little higher in price but above all the hassle to repurchase again and again. Nothing is at stake if you make the right choice.

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