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Nintendo Switch continues to leave good sales figures around the world and this time it is Spain’s turn. The company has reported total sales of the Switch family of consoles since its launch in the country.

Nintendo launched Switch three years ago , its new console with which to continue taking steps forward. After a while, the company has been reporting on the sales of its hybrid machine, which have only improved over the months.

As we have already mentioned, in Spain the sales figures have been updated since the console was launched in 2017 . After the Nintendo Switch family of consoles was the most sold during the month of November 2020, we have already known the total figure.

Since its arrival in Spain, Nintendo Switch and also Nintendo Switch Lite have jointly sold 1,570,000 units , according to data provided by independent consultancy GfK. In addition, it has established itself as the best-selling hardware in 2019 and 2020.

In addition, among the 10 best-selling games in Spain in 2020, it has been known that 6 of those titles distributed by the Japanese company. The successful games are: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which has sold 26 million units on March 20, as well as Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition, Super Mario 3D: All-Stars and the titles Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The popular hero of the company, Super Mario, has taken on some of the responsibility to move the console forward and it seems that he is achieving it. The titles of the mustachioed plumber total more than 2.4 million units sold in Spain , only taking into account the physical format.

However, it is not all good news. The Consumers Associations of 9 EU countries ask Nintendo for solutions for defective Joy-Con and we must not forget one of the news from the company. Nintendo has canceled the Splatoon 2 tournament due to the controversy of the Smash Bros Melee tournament .

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