Amazon has just released an update to its Echo devices that will help us translate in multiple languages ​​in real time. It is the competition of Google Assistant with its interpreter mode.

The positioning of Alexa in the market has been gradual, but in recent weeks several improvements have come to Amazon’s smart assistant. The latest development turns our smart speaker into a language interpreter.

The newly released feature on the Amazon Echo is called Live Translation and thanks to this “basic” feature we can translate conversations in real time between two people who speak two different languages . The command is “Alexa, translate to (language)”, but the bad news is that the list of languages ​​is very small.

Little by little it will expand and for now we can translate into: English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese (Brazilian), German and Italian.

When Live Translation is activated, a beep is heard and that is when the person to whom we want Alexa to translate should speak . From Amazon they affirm that it is not necessary to force, but that you can speak in a natural way and Alexa will understand us.

What’s more, Alexa is capable of translating during a normal conversation in two different languages and can detect the languages ​​automatically. To cut the translation we must launch the following command “Alexa, stop”.

These new commands join the almost infinite list of commands that we can use with Alexa on the different Google smart speakers. A curiosity of Live Translation is that on Echo Show devices (Amazon devices with a touch screen) we can see the transcribed translations at the same time we hear them.

Although Live Translation has already been launched, they will continue to test and improve this useful feature. Amazon comments that this feature can be used to learn and practice languages, not just to translate momentarily.

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