Amazon pledges

Amazon wants to train millions of people in the coming years to specialize and work in the cloud computing industry. The courses will be free. Large technology companies often offer low-cost courses to train future employees or simply to strengthen markets in which they do business.

This is the case of Amazon, which has announced a free training program worldwide. Amazon Web Services , along with other giants such as Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft Azure, are the main players in an immense market that has grown like foam in recent years.

Cloud computing, the management of the resources of a multitude of companies from the large data centers that these multinationals have all over the world. Services like these have been running for a long time, but not all companies or employers or workers are familiar with the technology and the necessary knowledge, so they are reluctant to use this type of service.

Amazon could change this to its training program . Although the company has not given figures of what the investment would be necessary to carry out this course, it does promise that it will educate 29 million people around the globe in this matter by 2025 . The training is provided by the company, none of the students will have to pay for this education.

It will also not be necessary for them to work with Amazon afterwards, the company is not looking for new qualified employees, but most likely it is looking for new partners and customers. By training all these people, the market for computing, data and services in the cloud could become larger, more companies would know the terrain in which they move and would want to participate and hire the services of Amazon or of the competition.

Google, for example, also offers a similar formula . By paying only $ 300, we can get a degree that would be equivalent to a college degree. They also have other simpler courses in online format to get closer to new technologies.

Amazon’s training plan consists of online courses and special programs covering topics such as cloud engineering, technical support, machine learning, programming, and many more. There are 500 free courses, with interactive labs and one-day virtual training sessions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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